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Water Noise

Anyone else get it in these new clios? I drive along and hear water noise... not sure where its coming from but its weird.

I get the same, especially after a major down poor. I think it is just water running down the rain gutters. But ive never found them so could be wrong, its annoying though.

  Clio II 1.4 Priveleg


There is a technical solution to this problem. Renault are aware of this and have released a paper to the network. I cant remember the exact cure at this time but I will look it up and post the solution early next week.


I have read a few of these!! Have any of you checked to see if your spare tyre in the boot is sitting in water?

na no water... anyway it dont sound like water rolling round in boot.... its more like gushing water like its pissing out your heater matrix but its not
  Clio II 1.4 Priveleg

It is definateley coming from the sunroof. No leaks but a gushing sound of water. Please watch this space for the solution early next week.

  Clio II 1.4 Priveleg

OK. I have looked up the technical note for this problem. It relates to all CLIO 2 (from May 1998 R Reg onwards) Not Clio 2 phase 2.

Sound of running water after washing the car or when it has been standing when raining.

It is caused by an accumulation of water on the front part of the sunroof (between the frame and the glass panel)

Solution: Fit a glass sunroof panel with a deflector.

For manual sunroof: PT number 8200 253 555 £88.50 + Vat

For electric sunroof: PT number 8200 253 556 £88.50 + Vat

Personally, Im gonna live with it. Once it has dried off the noise goes anyway.

Hope that helps you all.