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Wax Smudge

  1.8 Civic EX
I know this is down to application/removal but not 100% sure what it could be.

Helped a mate clean up his focus at the weekend (he used a halfords own machine polisher that was about £30:quiet:, the less said about that the better!), as it's black I let him use some of my black hole and followed up with the last of my Nattys Blue.

After the Black Hole, I applied the wax by hand, he buffed it off by hand. When buffing off it was leaving smudge like marks. It was definately the wax as if we buffed it some more if moved the smudging around but never got rid of it. It wasn't all over the car, just in some spots.

So what think?

Too much wax applied in the first place?
Not left to cure long enough before removal?
Poor attempt at removal?
All of the above?
  Golf GT & A4 Avant
were you able oto remove it completely by continuing to buff the panel? if so I'd say too much applied or not alloud to cure long enough maybe. if not it may be down to hologramming from not applying the BH properly ir from the pad and polisher combo.
  1.8 Civic EX
All looked fine after the black hole stages.

It didn't seem to remove at all, just moved the smudges about no matter how much we buffed. I think i't most likely a combination of a little too much wax applied and not left long enough (was only on for about 5mins if that before he followed me round and started to buff off/ He's a bit impatient lol). Just thought I'd see what others thought.