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Website designers?

Hi people, Just a quick question..

How much should i be looking at too pay someone to build a website for me?

It wouldnt be anything fancy really, its for my small construction company. Just a little something extra to put on the side of the van. Only needs simple info such as examples of work and contact details ect. You get the idea

Any help would be great

  Laguna Estate
Its not cheap, however you can do it totally 100% free of charge if you only want something basic. There is a government backed scheme that is provided by BT and Google.

I can vouch there are no catches as I have one of their websites myself. Domain name is free for first two years, hosting is free, templates are provided and you just fill the gaps in
  Ph2 172
Im a web designer. :)
One thing, When you purchase a domain name through these kinds of deals be careful as the company tends to purchase it in their name . And in my experience if you decide to move to a different server at a later date and take your domain they often dont want to part with them.
Something to check/bear in mind for the future.