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Website Problems - PLEASE READ

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Well congratulations if youve managed to get this far! The website (and forum in particular) has been slow or non-existent for almost everyone over the last few days. Apologies from Cliosport for this, circumstances beyond our control - in other words too many website users wanting to log on at the same time! We are working on a long term solution at the moment and in the next few days you may find it works or it doesnt. It seems one problem there may be is that when people are clicking for each page they want, its loading slowly so they click again and again. Unfortunately when you have 50 users on simultaneously (which we have had in the past hour or so), repeated clicks just back up the server even more and make the whole process even slower for everyone (Im guilty too!)

Anyway, rest assured we are trying to solve the problem and it will be fixed. In the meantime please bear with it. BTW If you are desperate to talk shop with other Cliosport members and find you cant get back on here, try the cliosportsclub email group on yahoo. <a target="_blank" href=" here to join the group.

why do we always have problems with too many users? and other forums dont? scoobynet has loads more users than us and its fine
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Maybe Scoobynet doesnt have that many people on at the same time. We are in the process of moving all the website data over to a system that will cope with all the traffic, but its a long job. As Sylvia says, it *is* a popular website, simultaneously having 50 users logged on is quite a lot to handle.

are we using free hosting? or do you have to pay? I have no idea, but maybe if we charge ppl a small amount to use the forum, then pay for hosting would that be better?

I did some work for a website hosting company called Areti Internet and although small, the guys knew their stuff and had loads stuff in their favour eg. docklands premises.

Just a thought...

at this far, thought it was my crap 56k modem...just shows how popular the forum is doesnt it
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I believe if you start charging people to use the forum most will go elsewhere for free.
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I would be *very* surprised if we start charging to use the forum. The meagre members subs keep everything going anyway.


ClioSport Admin
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I have a good forum running and ready to use but I just have to load all the user ids, passwords, and messages to it, then we can start using it. Once Im back home Ill finish it off and everyone willl be happy with the nice new shiny quick forum!!!