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Weird climate issue.

Smoothie Claymore

ClioSport Club Member
Hi hi.

Missus' 1.4 mk2 has climate control. From what I can tell, everything works - the aircon certainly works brilliantly, the heater blows hot, the flaps move... but for some bizarre reason, if you adjust the temperature (even going to max/min), nothing happens. It keeps on blowing whatever it was blowing.

However, if you key the ignition off for a moment (even on the move) when it comes back on the climate immediately adjusts itself perfectly. However, of course, it doesn't do anything as the car warms up/cools down so there's no actual climate control.

Anyone had this? Seems bizarre. I know the climate sensor in the roof lining isn't buzzing which probably isn't a great sign, but surely even if the climate sensor was dead, if you whacked it up to max it would override the temperature control and just go straight to full hot, and same for cold?

Cheers for any help.


ClioSport Club Member
Yeah the plastic cog that drives the temp splits I take them apart iirc cable tie it back together and I put a little bit of glue to keep it all together


ClioSport Club Member
  Titanium 182
No, but it seems to be perfectly capable of adjusting the temperature reliably every time the moment you turn the key off and back on, which would suggest it's intact no?

It could just so happen to be at the exact same time the cog is in the correct position to engage drive.

Like it resets to a certain position every time 🤔

I don't really know how it works.

Smoothie Claymore

ClioSport Club Member
I'll have a gander tomorrow (y) TBH even if it is okay I'll tiewrap it because clearly that cog needs reinforcement.

I don't know why clio HVAC is always so s**t, I've just remembered that HOU chewed up the plastic square drive in the recirc flap so I took the motor out and always just opened and shut it with my hand under the dash. Should have told the new owner that... never mind.


ClioSport Club Member
  BG 182FF
Mine was intermittent as you describe when that cog was stripped. I reinforced mine with a hose clamp instead of a zip tie and have had no issues since - one of the ones on the coolant bottle is the perfect size. :ROFLMAO: