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Weird Clio

  Clio 1.4
I seem to have a problem and would greatly appreciate it if one of you knowledgeable types could help, I live in France and my Clio seems to not be a version the local garages/ breakers think was ever made in France in 1996 -makes life a bit difficult with part numbers. I'm desperately trying to find the correct part number for a snapped handbrake cable before the dreaded Control Technic (MOT) becomes due

So its a 1996 Clio 1 phase two 1.4 petrol with ABS and rear disk brakes LHD of course, the vin number is VF1C57J0515360757 which when I check online appears to be a 2001 build year not what the grey card/log book says. I also can't determine if its a 75 hp or 80 hp engine which seems to be quite important for some parts.

My local breakers have suggested that this may be a car which was exported to the UK with an slightly unusual spec which is why they seem not to be able to locate it in any of their code books and the Renault main dealer turns his nose up at any car older than 3 years.
Dos anyone have any clues?

Thanks in advance
  Clio 1.4
I don't think its been modified and yes photos but what photos would help -if its under the car!, well at my age that takes a degree of planning and a hand-full of preemptive painkillers and a huge brandy before I get down there again. I once was trapped under a car for 6 hours with the thing resting partly on my chest, decades ago now but still.
I think the thing that throws them over here is the age of the car and the fact it has abs -this effects lots of things which is why I've been unable to replace the exhaust so far.
  Clio 1.4
Thank you all very much for your help, nice to know that my trusty Clio is rare -I shall in future treat her with much more respect. Would it be pushing my luck to ask for the correct part numbers for the various bits of the exhaust, Nice Mr Renault Wolverhampton?

Thanks again
  Clio 1.4
All of it unfortunately (except maybe the cat) and I know I can go into a exhaust center over here and get it supplied and fitted (its special order as well which means a 3/4 week delay) but the prices are 4/6 times more than the price in the UK, which is very common over here, there is a roaring trade in car parts being shipped down for ex-pats.