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Went out for a mad session last night

Ahhhhh feel much better today........... Went out in the lanes last night flat out.... managed to take off 4 times and bottom out.... Got it sideways round a tight bend 1 car width.... BUT the main thing is the little weak clio didnt break!!!! I thought something will snap for sure but it held up to my abuse!

You must of been going very fast Steve to make a 1.2 go sideways, as its to set to understeer on the limit (which isnt set very high), you have to deliberatly provoke the car, so tut tut ;)

LOL... Hey I got wider front tyres!! Plus I needed to knock some speed off or I would have ditched it... I love going sideways, I practice it round round abouts....

My cars nice and neutral since i swapped my front tyres with the backs. Ive only scared myself once, i was understeering and thought ah f**k it press on but it snapped into oversteer, wasnt expecting that! Ive slowed down since funnily enough..

Ahhh ya just got to be one with the car.... Last night I knew everything that was happening.... I drove the car far behond the limits but kept it in perfect control..... You got to be quick in ya corrections, I learnt that the hard way when I was younger....

Im so paranoid about not having any no claims that i get no where near the limit anymore. I now play to its strengths, economy, comfort and a chassis which is up for a play sometimes. I just hope i can hold back when i get a Cup!

Is yours modded?

Only k-tec exhaust and relocation pipe... im not doing anymore coz I want to get rid of it soon as I can afford to and want as much return as pos which prob will mean removing the exhaust etc when the time comes....