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WESTFIELD beats Zonda!!!!!

  Lionel Richie

On Top Gear tonight!!!!!! Brummie engineering, cant beat it!!!!!lol!! £20000 car beats 7.3l supercar!!!!!


ClioSport Club Member
  Seat Leon Cupra

i think theres a few things out there thatll beat the zondas time, probly all kit cars but there you go. Well have to get the Captain on there in his turbo :devilish:

yeah very interesting indeed. I want one of those westfields!

what else would be that zonda?

that 1.3 was about 170bhp, £2500 buys you a Holeshot turbo kit - 1.3L bike engine producing 320bhp @13psi.

:mad: i bloody missed it again, can some tell me if this weeks top gear is repeated?! i have sky digital with every channel you can think off!! prob why i missed it!!