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What’s the deal with.....

the paintwork warranty on our clios ?

how many years was or is it ?

what does it cover ?;

mine has started to develop what look like "rust" specks near the petrol filler cap side...

its only in a few places and they look very similar to the little "presents" flies usually leave me in the summer once ive washed the car !!!

nothing major and its only in a small area but im wondering if its worth getting it sorted at this stage (whilst its fairly unnoticeable) or is it going to be more hassles than its worth ???

not a prob here in HK and we have constant 90% humidity!

we in HK downgrade out bodywork warrenty to 3yrs so that teh factory sponsors us for a 3 yr parts warrenty (which was before it became world wide). anyway, we dont get any paint probs......hmmm, wonder why it varies in the UK?

funny thing is, in HK, we dont get half the probs the UK does!

we only really get the ood squeek, teh engine mounts are a common problem.....and for some reason, people in HK always snap their ECU cover...which is steel!

VR6man I think the little problem with the "rust" specks that you can see maybe somethng to do with when the early mark1 172s were made the body shells were made in the same plants as the normal clios, then they were taken over to the Espace plant for painting and assembly, as the Espaces are hand built also. Hence the body shells were out in all weathers and when they were painted the heat of the paint booths drew the damp to the surfess so the paint did not bond to the unprotected metal. Some early 172s, especially titanium silver needed full re-sprays. This is why the colour change came about from the titanium silver to iceberg silver in later mark1 172s, because the paint could not be matched up properly. It is also the reason why the straw yellow clios changed to a darker colour because a match could not be found for this either no matter how it was mixed.
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I have rusty specks and mines iceberg silver. I dont really care about it at the moment (probably because i havent washed the car in ages and it looks awful anyway), i only really notice it in the summer. A guy in here had this on his car and managed to get a respray but was without his car for AGES. I dont fancy the idea of them taking apart and rebuilding the car tho.

I think its 8 years here will

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I used to get speck like that all over my car. But since I changed jobs (and where I park my car) they have gone. I used to park next to a ghip builder so there where a lot of metal filings in the air that got onto the car and rusted.

Now that have gone permanently. This could be the same as yours since its near the filler cap. Try removong them with finger nail, if they come off then its not rust!!!