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What are renault playing at

Well this is now wednesday, I was promised my car on friday, then again on monday and then again yesterday. So you would think Id get it back today, but no its still on the rollers.

I mean what are they playing at? They told me on friday it just needed some finishing touches, I really have been struggling without my car and have had to miss quite a few days at uni. I would just like an honest return day from them, instead of being f**ked about.

what problems are you having with the car??

interested as i too have a 02 dynamique and im not looking forward to having problems

i done an impressive backwards power slide and then hit a wall with my front and smashed the back alloy:) So its in getting repaired.

I know repairs take time, just annoying being mucked about!

But as for normal problems, my car lasted one day brand new. Had the oil/water pump replaced, i then had an oil leak, air bag lights coming on, popping exhaust and the rubber round the windscreen coming off. Was running good till my wee bump:)

I did get £150 compensation for it though. so remember to complain if you have problems

My local renault dealer is almost a month over booked for servicing, i take it thats what its in for?

I guess thats the problem with first come first served, what they should do is tell them the latest possible date it will be back, targets they can achieve rather than stringing us along.

Cant say im suprised.
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my exhaust sounds a bit tinny, and echoie lol! what oil leak u have John??? Mine is going in to get looked at AGAIN on monday, looks like the SUMP gasket is leaking AGAIN after ive had it fixed once lol! interesting to know if anyone else had this!?!?!?!?!

Im glad nothing major has gone wrong with mine (touch wood!) as im now scared of killing my engine and box!

Im still enjoying the 5000rpm rasp without fear of consquence!
  H22A7 Accord Type R

lots of us owners are touching wood lol............john........still wanna kno about that oil leak lol...........

i swear to go im never buying another renault in my life.

Just phoned again, "ohh were aiming for friday now".

I mean wtf? how can you be finishing up on monday and not finish till friday.

I wouldnt have bothered if they had told me that date to begin with, but they have f**ked me about, fobbing me off with "tommorow".

So in total, the job will have taken 2 weeks, it better be nice:)

moff to cry now hehe!
  H22A7 Accord Type R

lol, ok, where was it dripping from? mine runs down n dripps off the sump plug......had to have sump gasket replaced last time!? u???

it was dripping from the engine, i couldnt see where. was just leaving an oil pool on the road. I was going to tenerife the next day, so i just gave them my car and my dad collected it whilst i was away.

no problems since.
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stop worrying me!!!!!!!!!!! lol. I pick mine up in about a month or so (1.2 Dynamique)
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Quote: Originally posted by bambam on 26 February 2003

my exhaust pops but has onlt started when i fitted the k-tec system
same here any ideas why?not even sure were i can take it to be checked out.
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Quote: Originally posted by BlackClio16v on 26 February 2003

when i got my extreme last year it lasted two days then it was in the garage twice first time to get the coil changed as this was causing the car to misfire and pop and it used 1/2 a tank for 40 miles !!!!!

Then the spark plugs f**ked up!!!! When u put the foot down the car would go then die then go again. All fixed now tho :)

Black did you attempt to "race" if you can call it that a orange Nissan Primera SRi along the big straight bit of road as you turn right at the Barnton (as if u were coming from the Forth Road Bridge direction) a couple of nights ago?

f**k sake, im getting sick fed up of this.

Phoned today, "your car should be ready by tonight, or at the latest tommorow morning, phone back at 3 to check"

"no sorry your car wont be ready till monday"

getting so sick of being mucked about
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what was the problem with ur air bag light?. mine has been coming onn the last few days?.


its a design fault

the airbag wires are underneath the driver seat...if its a 3 door and your moving the driver seat back and causes the air bag light to come on

take it back to renault...they will sort it in 20min..its a design fault and so well known!