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What are see me home lights


  182 Arctic Blue

lists these in the spec of the new megane. headlights with "see me home" function? any ideas?
  clio 20v

erm think its when they stay on for so long after you get out of your car and lock it at night

supposedly so it lights your way as you walk up the drive

  clio 20v

or what if you have a garage its useless then

its just gimmickey rubbish that will be useful to about one person that buys one


what if you dont have a garage OR a drive ??.

I will ask my daddy to buy me one lol !.


ooooooooops, sh*t, hes retired and I actually send dosh to HIM lol.. DOH !.. I will have to think of another cunning plan....

but m8, you are a SPACE CADET... and SPACE CADETs of rank 3 and above can LIKE it.. you have recently achieved rank 3.1 due to audacity.. so no probs..

Warp 5 Mr. Sulu !!..



ps.. have the stickers on the tyres worn off yet ??? ..

U DA MAN!!.. me loves ya dood, in a kinda forum way... before anyone asks lol !!!!... Jeeeeez, perverts !!!!..

yer pal..

  320d M Sport

hahah, Ill have you know Joe"I wear Magnum style shirts" that my tyres were bald after 6500 miles, is that a record??? Eagle F1s next fer me!


and Joe, Nicola read that message and said handbags at 10 paces...:D

Hmmmmmm, A wish come true.. not you starman, Nicola lol !!!.

she is one fine woman... droooooooooool....... lol

So, if the tyres were bald at 6.5k, then I could only presume, that you braked too late and accelerated too early.. sorta cuming n going at the wrong times lol...

Joe......... OW.... Paddy is determined, but sadly can only kick Slarty in the shin.. but.... it hurt. baddddddddd...:devilish:
  Williams 2, STi N12

Do these see me home lights enable you to get trollied then you can activate it to drive you home with a button hidden in the light stalk?? I swear mine has.

Not that I have ever tried it ofcourse.
  Ford Fiesta

i really llike the new megane. Id consider getting one for my next car seriously. Especially the rs version maybe planned :)
  Renault Laguna Coupe

LOL @ Anders. My car has an autopilot for these situations. Trouble is, if you forget to turn it off the next morning, when youre half way to work the car turns around and takes you home again..