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What Car1

This is always a good post! I currently have a 16v and am looking to get rid of the beast and buy a brand spanking new car!

And i like the new cup! but im not sure what to get! Help!
  Audi S3

what cupra-R cus theres a huge waiting list for the leon bout 6 mths and when the new ibiza comes out no dout even longer wait!


I think the VTS and 106GTI are a bit pointless as a new car, 206 is no GTI!

CTR isnt as good as 172 so dont see the point in getting one of 172/cup it is! :)

i see no point in sl*gging down other cars, at the end of the day Dust wants suggestions, that doesnt mean every option is a clio

we have to be selective and open minded, the only person who can make up their mind on what car to get is Dust, lets not sl*g them down and just suggest cars

if the only car in your head is a clio, only suggest a clio, dont sl*g others down just for the sake of it


  EV (s)


calm down fellas

Ps: saxos are sh*t;)

The thing is weve had threads on CTRs and the like before, and you only need to read car magazines for a completely one way review. The CTR has a great gearbox, fun/annoying engine, an ok chassis but doesnt give much in feedback. The 172 is fast, a good handler and IMO is better looking.

The Saxo and 106 are very old cars, and performance wise arent much of a step up from a valver. It doesnt make financial sense to buy one.

Seats are good in lots of ways, but, dont excel in anything.

I take the sl*gging comment was directed at me as i went against what bambam said. Im not sl*gging anything off, im giving a general opinion, its not like i genuinely care what car Dust gets!

Now if you think im having a go at you, PM me, dont put it on here as the thread might be locked.



i wasnt aiming any comments at anyone inparticualr, i just think people should let Dust make his mind up rather than put opinions in his head

youll find the same thing on every car forum specifically for a certain car - i.e. the SSC only ever talk about Saxos and sl*g every other car off, same with the CTR owners club
  Scirocco GT TSi DSG

Calm down lads, everyone has a right to an opinion, however 206GTI 180 will be a GTI almost same stats as a 172.

Ive caused a riot!

I think i could strech to £20k if needed! So maybe around 16k with some fun options!

And after reading about the RS, the diffs put me off a bit!

106 gti are a bit dated now.

However the 206 Gti 180 sounds nice! Anyone driven one?

But then again i can get about 2.5-3k off a brand new CUP! And thats almost convincing! Comon boys, what have you wooped in your cups!? Sell me the car!

Mates got the CTR and they are nice, but wouldnt buy one.

Need more detail lads! Need you guys to persuade me!??

And yeh i would have a scobby, yet too expensive and i really have been put off second hand cars by my 16v. :(

im looking for a hot hatch, something thats fast, handles well and comfort is also an issue! Isnt everyone?

Dont think the 180 pug is out yet mate.

Get a cup, youll have enough over to pay for insurance and a nice holiday!

Come on bambam, he asked this question here, obviously asking for our suggestions, now if I wasnt allowed to give my opinion on the matter what should I say? oh yeah get a Rolls, Bentley R, Noble M12, or indeed one of those new little motorised disabled vehicles..... Duh?

Nope, Im sorry but I have to say 172 cos in my mind the difference the cup has over it isnt that much, but you get all the goodies too, if you wana get a VTR or 106/206gti go for it, but imho then youll just be joining a big bunch of sameies, load of people have em (no offence Craggy! LoL)

£16-20k is a hell of a lot of dosh in my books!

Im the sort of person that sees buying brand new cars as a pointless exercise unless you can avoid the depreciation or you want to keep it for a very long time. Yes, yes, I know - I also wear leather patches on the elbows of my tweed jacket!

But when youre looking at a hot hatch this isnt so much of an issue as they depreciate less - even a ten year old 16v will make 25% of its original value when modern rep-fodder make about that after three to five years!

Still, if youve got that amount of cash, I do want to add that maybe you should think about getting a solid, boring car for the mileage for maybe £3k and use the rest to fund something you really want.

The VTS/106 GTi duo are basically the next step from the 16v, much like the 16v was from the 205 GTi. Theres not much between any of them in handling and accelerative terms, but the newer cars are obviously younger and will last longer.

But for your £12k I dont think you can do much better than a Cup. A great car that will keep your wallet and driving senses happy.


  EV (s)

E30 M3 (lhd)


Or (feel free to flame away)

Audi S2 coupe

Audi URquattro

Sierra Cosworth
  Scirocco GT TSi DSG

I never said the 206GTI would be a good GTI, but it will be as quick as a 172 and until it is tested we wont know what the chasis is like, but if Peugeot learn from their WRC success it may well be a lot better than you give it credit for.

For 16 - 20K I would get 172 still and spend the rest on upgrades. Or get a second hand EVO or an ITR.

The new Evo is going to be cheaper I think but running costs are still going to be high.

The only one that "might" not depreciate as fast is the Focus RS. I would suggest if you can afford one - get a test drive. As far as i am aware there is no demo cars from Ford but some dealerships bought one in to use instead. I have to admit I like the idea of the power without the running costs of 4WD (EVO/COSSIE/SCOOB).

If not then the 206 180bhp cant be to far away?

The CTR & 172 seem pretty good.

I would pick up a nearly new car to miss out on the large depreciation. You can still get a warranty and theres no gureentee a new car will be reliable anyway.

only cupra r i think they are bringing out in ibiza style is a 1.9 diesel version, far as i am aware there aint gonna be a petrol one, thats if i was listenin to the showroom guy anyhow


New New Impreza.. WRX STi is 0-60 in 5.5seconds...

For £1995 extra, you can get that prodrive kit... 0-60 in 4.5seconds..

Lets drool for a moment. :)

Oh i forgot about the VAG Tdis. My mate had on order a Ibiza Tdi Sport. 130bhp as std but can be chipped a lot higher. Once chipped It gets near scoobie speeds and 55mpg. Its a hot hatch although diesel.


Look the part
sound the part
perform the part
and anything else the part

  Scirocco GT TSi DSG

Daz is right a Scoobie with the prodrive kit, 0-60 4.5. Down side is very bad mpg figures. ;)

Audi S3 chipped, 265bhp, good build quality?

Personally I would like a Golf R32, apparently better than the new 250bhp TT.

why not buy the bug eye version of the scooby? dealer near me offered one to mymate for £17.5K!!! then get the prodrive kit?


get a cup and get every convievable extra possible from Renaultsport (when they come out) and be the envy of everyone, plus the fact that it is a bit of a Q car and no one expects to be completely blown away by one!

Personally I would go for the Leon R as it is the muts nuts to look at, the brembo brakes alone make me want it..

For value for money though I think the cup gives you best bang for your buck!

Yes it does.

The Bug-Eyed Scoobies are well cheap now - trying to get rid of them before the new, revised one is launched.

I think Mpg on a WRX STi was 25mpg Combined, 33mpg Long run or something... thats without Prodrive kit though.. Didnt think it was too bad for a car like that!