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What Colour Calipers on Black 182?

  182, SRT8, RS4, GT-R
Hi Guys,

Need your opinion on what colour i should paint my calipers on my black/gold 182 or just leave them as they are??:S

Welcome to all suggestions.
  Audi TT 3.2 V6
personally id go for a gloss black. keep them lookin factory...but cared for lol
  172 Mk2 Ph1
red, and buy my caliper paint I paid a tenner for for £5 ;-) I hardly used any of it... pm if interested, just put up a pic of the wheels so you can see the red i mean.


ClioSport Club Member
id go for yellow to be honest, painted mine red but there all over the place, thinking of redoing mine!

use a good primer, and also laquer them after they are fully dry, this will make the brake dust easier to wash off so they don't look crap when the rest of your car is gleaming!


Dubai182 said:
Any pics of those who have done it???