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What discs for my 182? :s

  K20 EG Hatch
Right i need brakes on my 182

Fred has convinced me to go for ebc green stuff pads as i dont use it on track but do the odd bit of quick driving and i dont mind paying a little bit more than standard brake prices.

So i got the pads sorted but what discs shall i go for? :s

  Civic Type-R
Get the Brembo high carbon discs :) and some braided brake likes while your at it. Much better performance!
  Burgandy 174 sport t
fitted these bad boys last week, yozzasport is where u wanna go!!


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ClioSport Admin
  Clio Trophy #355
They are Brembo Max discs, i'm running them too and am quite impressed.

My DS2500 pads do seem to work better with them than they did on the plain Brembo discs, although either are good.
  Burgandy 174 sport t
I am mighty impressed with the ds2500 on these discs, alot better than standard. should I feel a diff when I fit the hoses?