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what do you think?

  Civic Type -R FN2
ive just been quoted 588 quid for some damage that a bunch of chavs did a while back. One of the things needed is a new bonnet, cause of this price i thought well i might as well get a carbon bonnet. What are the going prices of these on a mk2 ph1? also do they look out of place on a black car?

what are your thoughts?
Go for it, i know opinion is split on them but i love my carbon bonnet, got mine on a monaco blue mk2 ph1, looks sweet, would be nice and subtle too on a black car, i paid 105 quid off ebay for a brand new ktec one!!! but generally they seem to be around 200- 250, my only issue with it is there is no bonnet stay mount - i dont really want to drill into it to mount one, if you do go for one get some storm wiper sprays so you can get rid of your washer jets, again so you dont have to drill into the bonnet
il put a couple up for you to see tomorrow, what else was damaged? iv got loads of mk2 ph1 bits knocking about
  Civic Type -R FN2
passenger door mate punched bonnet kicked door :( what u got knocking around anyway? :)
damn! you must be angry as a badger!! i would be!
iv currently got front + rear seats, single optic headlights, ph1 rear lights with bulb holders, and i will soon have a full set of plastics, ie front + rear bumper strips, door strips, and a pair of wing mirrors, got the plastics off a write off and are at the bodyshop bein colour coded at the mo, so will have a set to sell, also got a gearlever, monaco blue bonnet, standard rear springs, the standard 'spoiler' with brakelight, oh and a left hand foglight! its all the stuff iv replaced on mine, nothin fancy but all in good con, if anyone reads this and wants anything iv mentioned please pm me ta, also got a brand new de-cat pipe for a mk1 clio,
  Punto/Clio GTT
if youve got a reason to replace the bonnet, ide always look at carbon fibre ones, will work out cheaper than buyin a new one n spraying it.
  RS Meg 175
yh ^^ i wonder lol
Tin foil, sellotape and a permanent marker springs to mind lol
would nor touch that wiyya barge pole....unless i saw it first lol