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what does your engine look like

Callin all 172 + cup owners!

What does your engine actually look like?

on the main cliosport page, if you go to specs, and then 172 cup, it shows a pic of the engine, but mine doesnt look like that, is it a plastic case?

I drive a cup, and the engines nice but simply not like the one in the pic.

Habe a look! Cheers............ Dan

The pic you are looking at is from a 172. Same engine, but i think they remove to plastic cover/trim for the cup (to save weight and generally keep with the stripped out racing look).

Engines on both cars look pretty sharp if you ask me.:D
  Silver Fabia vRS

Yeah the reason we used the 172 normal engine pic was becuase there were none around for the actual cup at the time.

172 Cups do NOT come with a cover.
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Danny the cup doesnt come with the plastic hood over the inlet plemum chamber (Thing with the 20.l stamped on it) the normal 172 does, as you can see in my engine bay mate. You can remove this on the normal 172 as they have on the cup but I think IMHO it looks alot neater.

Probable weight saving of about 1kg or so :p

just makin sure fella, could be a person called sydney!!!!

didnt think clios were that big out there, all my buddies over there are simply commodore this ful sic hsv that!

i want the little plastic cover from over the oil cap..

mine is absent :(

any ideas how much they are and yes.. i would have thought describing it as "the flap that covers the oil cap" would do the trick but as yet, the renault dealers i have spoken to have been mystified as to what i am talking about...


Ive now had 3 complete cowl assemblies as my oil filler flap thing keeps disappearing down the back of the engine, onto the exhaust manifold and melting/catching fire... Ive now taken the whole thing off cos its such an annoying piece of cr*ppy plastic, and mine just started chattering asif it was slightly touching something...

They have changed the design of the clip that holds in the oil filler flap so that on all Mk2 covers it is held in by a metal spring clip (I think) whereas on the Mk1s it was just a plastic moulding. The new design works well, and I havent had another flap disappear, but as I said I just hate the thing, so removed it anyway!