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What Door Speakers

  Black Clio 182

i am about to order a new amp and i want to get some door speakers as well. i am looking to spend around £30. im not sure what to get, im tempted to get sony ones as my install is all sony. i know everyone sl*gs them off so i will expect negative feedback lol. below is a link to the website im am going to order them off but i want to see what ones everyone thinks i should get as im unsure on what to get.
  The Beast MK4

Pioneer TS - G1348. Ive got em and I think they are good for budget speakers. Mind you im not running an amp to them though.
  Black Clio 182

im not going to be running them on an amp. just taking the old ones out and putting them in. was just gonna order them wen i order my other amp.
  The Beast MK4

Oh right. They are decent enough mate. I just wanted a replacement for the sh*tty paper pishy ones and fired them in. They do the job.

This shoud be in Interior mate btw
  Black Clio 182

i know it should lol. i posted it in here as i fort it would get a reply quicker as i want to order them now.
  Clio 1.6 16v 2003

for budget speakers @£30 your really not gonna notice much difference, ideally u should spend a bit more and get components as the front are the most important part of the system (i presume they are for the front)

ive said it about a million times on here but again your ears listen from the front but only hear from behind therefore its essential that the best speakers are at the front.

check ebay for components, i got a set of jbls half price and then clarity on them for £30 is good. (rrp 59.00)

£30 for a set of door speekers isnt enaugh to satisfy i dnt think. If ur gonna buy a set of speakers get some good components for about £50. Might aswell pay the bit more. I braught the Vibe SA-k 50 (330w) *not rms* And they sound absoloutley brill.