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What Else Would Be Needed If I Bought

All the wiring and ECU keys also the UCH.

There are ways round the problem though coudl always runs astand alone ECU then you'd only need the radiator and those bits noted in the advert.
Middo said:
^ you been reading up on it ready for fitting adams ;)
Ha ha yep.
Anyway we need to get your braked sorted so go work and save some money. I'll PM adam again.

You'll also need (refering to the orriginal topic) the hubs the brakes calipers suspension dasboard etc.
fUbAr said:
.... and a mechanic ;)
Or someone keen.
It could be done in a week with the right tools working quite hard. Having part break is what will slow you down. Matt Balcks the specialist at this his record is 24 hours (well 2 people working 12 hours) to do one I belive. He's stopped doing them but sells the kits now.

I recon if you realy needed it doing quicker you could do it strip the car down and test fit the wires and you could do it in a long weekend.

Bst use a phase 1 wiring loom though IMO less UCH problems there. Its the Cups which come up for offer usually.

ALso other things you need are the stearing rack or pipes made to fit your PAS rack to the normal pump or an electric rack from the diesel phase 1 mk2 or a Mk2 phase 2 rack and make up the associated wiring

Also might as well change the cambelt clutch and all the bushes top mounts ball joutns so say £350 for those bits extra ( much easier to change them when there off the car plus you need a new AUX belt if your going to get rid fo the air con or a Cup alternator or a dci AUX belt adapter (takes the palce of the aircon pully space)
  172 cup'd extreme
If you use the phase 1 wiring loom with a mk2 engine you will need a speedo drive gearbox you will need to change the throttle body to cable and also fit the fuel pressure regulator.
If you were to buy the above engine you will need to change your dash to the phase2 (if you want everything to work proper)