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What have I done!

  Clio 172
Evening all

Having spent a lot of time over the years on forums I decided to take a break. But I'm back... what have I done!

Over the years I've had the pleasure of being involved in Toyota GT4 oc's Honda accord Type R oc's, cupra and Peugeot oc's...

I thought I'd finished with all this until today. I've just made a on the spur purchase and obtained myself a nice little ph2 172, she black, got 69k on the clock on a 52 plate. Nice and tidy. Shes been sitting under a cover for 18 months so needs some cleaning, bit of air in the tyres and some fresh go go juice, had the standard issues on 1st start up, immobiliser questioning who I was... and the alternator showing off by overcharging... not bad considering shes 18 years old.

I worked for Peugeot as a tech back in the day so looking forward to the french challenges ahead of me.

Plan to set her up for the track, she certainly wont be the daily drive. Anyway enough from me. Look forward to spending far too much time on here 🤔

Stay safe everyone
  Clio 172
Nice work! I recently bought a 172, 87k on the clock, needs some TLC to bring it back to good OEM spec, looking forward to the challenge and thankfully cliosport to have a bunch of guides and info to help!

Good luck!
  Clio 172
Could only find these random pics of the ST185, she was an import, the RC model with the charge cooler and spray bar. I put a ST205 turbo on her, it was a quick motor, and handled well with the 4x4. Gutted I cant find any more pics ( it was over 10 years ago though) doesnt time fly! Best car I've owned...


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  Clio 172
So I promised you some pics... I have to say I used to have a 19, valver, beautiful engine. I hoped the clio would be the same 😉


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  Clio 172
Then this happened.... 🙄 I made it 5 miles before the alternator voted for Trump!


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