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What next

I was chatting to me mate the other day, and he asked me a good question

What ya going to replace ya 172 with?

Its got to be cheap (£13,000 tops mines an import) fast, fun, ok on fuel, not to bad to insure?

So what will match the 172? not much I can think of?

well, its a valid question I think, say I dont want a cup or second hand CTR

There must be something a bit different, as for £13,000 I cant see myself getting a car for more for a while yet.

Must be something a bit different?

£13,000 will get a fair bit second hand!

I got flamed for taking the piss out of one of these, they are a serious disappointment in my view though. Its no skyline.

As far as the Alfa goes they look fab inside and out (especially with the aero kit) theyre pretty quick, 0-60 in 6.5 and 150mph and theyre rare. You can also pick them up for around 11 grand second hand so bit of a bargain in my view. There is a good tuning firm called Autodelta which does, exhausts, turbos, suspension..everything basically. The only problem is the residuals really. There are some electric problems but other than that reliabilty isnt a problem.

image of BMW drivers lol not good.

Thats the trouble with the 172, I want my next car to feel faster, guess im headed into Scooby zone?

What bout Racing Puma, slower but great handling, could be tuned as well?

No youd have a hard life making a Puma Racing faster.

You will need a lot of patience and deep pockets for the Lanica.

The only Subaru i could have without feeling like im driving the automotive equivalent of Cherie Blair is the aggressive looking P1 or smooth 22B, both of which are expensive.

Not helping you out much here lol

My brother had one (Puma), not very impressive mine completly killed it, good handling though.

I got along side one of the lancias and a porche boxter about 6 months ago.

Thought I would give them ago, BIG mistake. It think the Lancia was beating the porche though.

Well there looks like no escape from the world of the 172 lol :confused:

RB5 Scoobs are good, but expensive.......etc......etc

What about Accord Type R?

My next motor is gonna be a TVR Ceberra 4.6 Got a quote of £1500 you can pick one up from about £18K although very unreliable

but who CARES!!!!! look how fast they are.

MENTAL Bazza, that TVR will EAT ANYTHING!!:devilish:

But they are a REAL handfull, a few mates have test driven them, once they felt full throttle they all decided its TO FAST FOR THE ROAD lol

RB5s look too mundane in my view, but if you like them fairplay.

Not that im overly critical! Ive been spoilt in too many good cars.

I do know that the Ceberra are bad!

My friend has a Tuscan. He has had it about a year with no problems and he does use the pedel on the right alot!! (Have to save alot more)

The things just scares me .

TVR all the way, mates got a tuscan_s in the swordfish colour. And she goes like u wouldnt believe, but Bazzas right, they are such a badly built car, even from new. Just little stupid things like gear knob on wrong way round, doors drop when opened, and still it leaks like........a TVR i suppose. The pure power and speed still compromises!

I will make you so right Dust.

Couple of weeks ago a GTIR Nissan Thing pulled up next to us at some lights. Reving the tits off the thing dump valve the lot. My mate just started laughing. Put his foot down just sat there and let the back wheels spin. We did not move an inch. The lights went green the tuscan just pulled and pulled and pulled the thing gets 0-100 quicker then mine does to 50!!

Theyre made out of fiberglass, they stink when it gets hot. Theres nothing worse than a kit car feel and im afraid TVRs have it.

Performance per pound is pretty damn amazing though, but on a series of roads something like an M3 wouldnt have a problem keeping up.

Thats a point, e36 M3!

They are just PHAT. The speedo goes up quicker than you could imagine, Well imagine doing 0-60 in first gear FFS! i got a vid of us messin about in the tuscan if anyone can host them.

Why dont you go the whole hog and get a tuscan R...75 grand and will chew up and spit out everything this side of a 575 stradale...

Hang on you said 13 grand... Im talking out of my arse.

If I had 13 k Id probably go for a Audi S3 or a CTR... even though everyone on here thinks theyre gash.

For my money any BMW the wrong side of 3 litres hasnt got enough performance.... M3s excepted obviously

Dan G........75 Grand, oh that would be nice

Well say it quietly but I kinda like CTRS to

A 328 would have to be close, 18 to a ton, on the 172s arse, and like Rob said that straight six sounds SOOO good with some nice pipes.

My uncle paid £14k for his M3, it was 1996, the usual estoril blue, tracker, 74,000 miles. He also has a GT version in green which cost a bit more because of the rarity, he has since put an old M5 engine in it though as the 3.2 got damaged on track.

You could get a really basic elise, then save up for a couple of years and get a CTR engine and box conversion :devilish:
  VW Potato

id like a Volvo. An S60? The handsome saloon one, with a Turbo and some BBS wheels. Four BBS wheels, prolly.

....or, in a more bonkers moment, a Mercedes 450SEL 6.9 ala Ronin, in Silver please. Car I can get for £8k, the rest for benzina!


Ill always decide what car I want and then budget for it! I cant see me ever selling my mint 16v, so I guess Id like to start a collection!

Would love a Lancia Delta Integrale (Evo or not), Renault 5 Turbo/Turbo 2 wide-arch bad boys (not to be confused with 5 GT Turbo), Clio V6 Phase1...