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What splitter for mk2 ph2 non sport ?

  Albi Blue Clio 197

Been looking at my splitter and decided i would like something different maybe, so what off the shelf ones can you get ? i would like something similar to a cup splitter but obviously for a non sport bumper maybe something carbon fiber even, just dont want anything chavy as so to speak?

anyone got any suggestions ?
  RB 200 Cup!

  Chocolate Bar™
your extremely boring then arent u ;)

if i could source a good one i'd defo put a laguna splitter on over a cup one, look much nicer imo
  E60 diesel powah
laguna by far! id hav one now..but it'l jus rip off :(, mine with the ibiza splitter!

back in the day..
  Albi Blue Clio 197
how hard is it to get a cup splitter to fit a non sport bumper then ? iwas under the impression it wasnt that easy
  Chocolate Bar™
not that hard, a lot of people cut a section out of the middle, however I cut v's in mine and managed to bend it round