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What springs should I buy? 40mm lowering

  Black 1.2 Extreme
Hey guys

I'm wanting to buy some 40mm lowering springs for my 54 plate Clio Extreme
Don't want to spend too much money but still want good quality springs

Can someone link me to some decent ones
And also advise me on how much it should cost me to get them fitted at a garage?

Cheers, Sam
  e92 330i
Eibach sportlines. £148 at kamracing I think. There's a guide on here how to change um. Will take you nomore then 3-4 hours.
  CLIO 172 CUP....
wish these Eiback sportlines would drop as nice as the 40mm apex do..

i no apex aint rated on here but i fitted as set of them the other week as i got the for £20 and i really think the ride aint that bad
  Black 1.2 Extreme
Im not really wanting to spend £148 just on some 40mm springs to be honest, if I was wanting 2 spend that much I would save for coilovers
Any1 got any ideas in the £50ish range?
  a low one
second hand apex 60's go for about £65 collected on here. i wouldnt do 40 if i was you, youll only want to go lower as 40mm isnt really anything
  Fabia VRS
40mm and 16 alloys <3

  a low one
Looks smart that mate! not sure about the bullets but love the anthra wheels ont he black... slam it though ;)
  a low one
I'd take the advice mate 40mm isn't a lot but if your not looking to really lower then go for it, it'll firm up your ride anyway
  Fabia VRS Special Ed
Look on Ebay mate and in the FS section for second hand springs, this has been covered a thousand times btw.

Eibach ride better, Apex look better.
Sam, be patient and wait for the Sportlines to come up in the Classified ads here. 2nd. hand go for £60 or £70.