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What to do next?

  RB 200 Cup!
its lowered so far - looked good today rich

remap maybe? dunno how well these turbos do with a remap
  Bumder With A Buffer
The induction kit could make yours sound a bit nicer and will make the air flow better then the standard unit
  Bumder With A Buffer
It's an odd one. I had a viper on mine and whilst it increased the noise it didnt really feel like it was doing anything. If anything it was more restrictive.

To give you an idea these are my 2 RR day

First...162.6bhp, 141lb/ft torq.

Pipercross Viper, Exhaust but with cat in, Fastchip remap.

Second....173.9bhp, 144 lb/ft torq

Standard Airbox with Ktec panel filter, De-catted, service, Fastchip remap.

Im undecided as to what made the difference. Im going to "guess" that the service plus the cat being taken out is what did it.

Could always try my Pipercross viper and see what happens. Save you wasting £200 on something which could be s**t!
  Slow red one
Sounds a plan when I next see you for the LEDs:) going to order some interior lights soon to for the top lights.

So your induction and remap yeh?
  Mini Cooper S
Colour code or gloss black your bump strips?

I'm waiting til next year for the K-Tec remap.