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What was your first car!

My brother is looking for his first car and it got me to thinking about my first motor! It was a D reg Peugeot 205 XS. I put 15" 1.9 GTI wheels on it and tried in vain to make it look like a GTI. It didnt work, the big gaps between the wheel arch and the wheel gave it away!

What was your first car peeps?

My parents Austin Allegro (complete with square steering wheel).

I did the decent thing and rolled it after 4 days. Damn thing kept running, though.

First car was a Corsa GSI did not keep it for long heard a lot of horror stories about the engines giving up the ghost!!
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

Aston Martin DB6

Traded it in cause it didnt have any air-con, leather seats or xenon headlamps

Actually a Talbot Solara 1.6 LS (Nicknamed TOOLBOX Solara)

This thing had twin webbers as standard and used to fly, managed to blow the drive shafts twice because this thing had massive alloys and sh1te drive shafts and these dont mix to well.


I bought my grandfathers 1982 X Reg Fiesta 1.1LX off him for £50 ! Last me a good year and a half so I was happy, at 17 I would have driven anything !

Then I got a brand new Clio 1.4S on an R plate then a brand new Corsa 1.4 Sport on an S plate and then another G reg Fiesta 1.4LX when I bought my house. Been an interesting journey to the 172 !
  172 Cup, V6 255, Williams

Had an M reg Rover 100 as my first car. Sold that after 12 months for a Renault 19 16v. Then had a good few more 19 16Vs, an normal 19 RT, an escort van, and now a Shogun and a Williams.


MG Metro with a bored out to 1480cc engine and a braking system that decided to brake on only three wheels sometimes.

The end result was enevitable.

First car was a 1.0 Metro which had five bullet holes in the roof (managed to get it really cheap ) it was pretty good fun considering it was such a crap car really, crashed it a few times though

next was a 1.3 Astra, looked standard apart from bigger alloys but was modded to 105bhp spent so much on it ended up skint and had to sell it

Then a Astra GTE16v again modded to 200bhp crashed that too, momentary lapse abroad ended up going round a corner on the wrong side of the road

Then a whole host of sh*t cars before I got my Fit Coupe, I had an Alfa 33 TD, Mk1 golf GTi, Fiat Uno, Ford Sierra, Datsun Sunny, Cavalier 1.8i plus some motors that were alright Autobianchi Y10 Turbo, 19 16v chmade, Mk2 golf gti convertible.

quite a few motors in ten years really considering I kept a few cars for over 2yrs
  clio williams, Ph1 172

Mini Cooper lookalike. Mettalic red with white roof and bonnet stripes. black and white striped interior. 12 inch minilights and a huge centre exit exhaust and a pipercross filter. Sounded good but was f***ing slow.
Then I got a Yellow cinquecento sporting on a P plate (which I still have) Lowered 14 inch mim venice alloys. Magnex exhaust. Pipercross filter. Was a good little car. Just not that fast. Kept up with Nova SRs and stuff though.
Then got my Clio. Not many cars I know but I got my Clio when I was 20. Now im 21 so im only a baby still



First one wasnt mine (shared with mum) but was a Purple Fiesta 1.1...

I thought it was the dogs bollox...

until I crashed it in less than a year...

amazingly, it wasnt written off....

until the next year when I went off at a bend and barrel rolled into a forest.... that kinda ended that one...and nearly me

Then I got another Fiesta.. red this time and I hated it with a vengeance (another of my parents choices... well, they paid for I couldnt complain)

This car was so dull I got very bored of it and bought a nice (in my opinion at the time) Blue Fiesta 1.6si 16v...that was quite cool...

But I killed that by driving through deep water and it went up the air intake and f****d it !!!

So I sold that without an engine and bought myself a Purple Golf VR6 Highline...which I had no problems with and managed to avoid hitting anything with....

which I kept for about 18 months..

and now have a MK1 Titanium Silver 172 Sport
  20VT Clio & 9-5 HOT

My first motor was a E reg Suzuki Jeep. My mum sold it me cheap. Everyone I knew loved it apart from me. Almost rolled it once and I was only doing about 15mph. Scary sh*t.

Well i started off with a Fiesta 1.4S, being led to belive that the S stood for sports. In reality i think that S stood for Steering Wheel because it had the same one as the XR2!! I cant knock it though, in two years i never serviced it (apart from topping up the oil with anything i found in friends garages)and it never gave me a days trouble....well apart from when i took it to some cowboys to put in a stereo and the mounted the amp under the passengers seat, which caused petrol to leak into the rear footwell!!!

Next i got a Pug 205 1.9 Gti. Spent two years thrashing about in that. This one i serviced myself and had fun regularly replacing the clutch cable which would snap every 4 or 5 months!

Then came the daddy, i imported a GTI-R from Japan and spent 4 years modding it and making it go very fast indeed, until the engine went kabloowy, which cost me 4 grand to fix. By the time i sold it, it was starting to pink again and i think that i sold it just in time! Ahh the fun with highly modded engines!!

Then came my 16v which promptly caught fire on me last week!!!

Now im on the prowl again for another car!

Ho Hum

My Astra GSi which I bid a fond farewell to next week as I join the ranks of the Clio owners. This 172Cup better be Sh*t Hot as I love this Astra. Have to get rid of it though as have ragged the absolute bollox off it and its going to fall apart very soon....

When I was 19 my dad bought me a 1969 Mini Mk3 (with the boot and tail fins). He found it in someones garden, bought it for R350.00 (=£20), put new tyres and battery in and drove it 600 kms to give to me. Never had any probs with it except the fuel gauge never worked, so I made a dipstick for the petrol tank. Also wrapped clingfilm around the distributer cap and it never broke down in the rain.

MG Maestro, any of you remember the early 1600 one with twin webbers, surprisingly fast, very tunable and good on the road but god do they rot quickly. My first 5 cars (when i was between 16 and 18 years old))cost £100 or less, all pieces of crap, but I was smiling all the time.

Alex M

First car was a nreg (number at the end) Ford mk3 Cortina. Every panel was a different colour, I had to bungee clip the 2 back doors together to stop the kids from falling out. It had a gaping great hole in the passenger side floor that passed an MOT :/ very suss. I bought it for 90 quid with a years MOT ran it for a year everywhere. Sold it to buy my T reg Morris Marina a year later for a ton. Thing is, 2 years ago I saw it running around my home town in prestine condition, someone loved it.

Blew 2 engines in my Marina then bought a talbot solra that was super reliable.......reliable in the fact that you could be sure on every trip it would break down.

Bought a Fiat regatta off my brother in London, had for 2 years. No comment..ordinary family car

Sold that bought a sierra for 400 squid sold it 6 months later for 950

Bought my first MG metro for 600 squids....loved it to death had the engine blueprinted and sold it 2 years later for £875

Bought an mg metro turbo for 400 squid, played with the bits and sold it a year later for....ahem...£1100

Bought a rover 213 but lets not go there....sold it for what i paid for it.

Bought another 2 mg metros made a nice tidy profit on both.

bought a mk1 Fiat Uno turbo for 300 quid...loved it but had major probs after a little while..sold it a year later with no mot for £750.

bought an astra belmont glsi for 300 quid, hated it from day one, sold it for 500 notes.

Bought a Mk2 Uno turbo...upped the boost to 18psi, flew around in that for 2 years the sold it with a px deal to my daughters boyf.

Bought my Willy2 and now I dont want any other car !!

PHEW !!!!


Well, learned to drive in a Volvo 244 GL - my dads car, then I got it when he got a new one, but MY first car was an old V plate white fiesta 957cc, looked just like the local poice cars at the time (with a magnetic stripe or two) ragged the arse off it, so much so the engine blew, got another engine ragged it, then sold it on for...... a D reg volvo 340 1.4, ragged it, engine blew, replaced engine, later sold it, got a Volvo 440GLE 1.7, went like stink, then (I think I REALLY lost my mind at this point) I got a Honda Accord R reg 2.0, it was fast (ish), well a fast boat anyways

Then someone enlightened me to the error of my ways and here I am with my 172
  Scirocco GT TSi DSG

Escort Popular 1.3 G reg. I had this car for 4 years, while at School and then at Uni. Only problem I had was a flooded passenger area but welded the battery mount and problem solved. Never gave me any hassle, but I never liked it. Tried to make it look sportier but still looked like a white 1.3 escort.

Sold it to a friend as their first car and they put it in a wall in the first week probably a toaster now.
  CTR EK9 turbo

Hey, my first car was a VW scirocco 1588cc carb. It is an amazing car (still in the garage). Its had less problems than my clio! seeing as its a Y-reg (scirocco) with only 73,000 miles on the clock, its in amazing condition. I added a big "zorst" and weber twin choke manual choke carb with k&n. Put a big ol panasonic stereo in it with an expensive Alpine Type R sub. This car wasnt too bad, in fact it was the quickest of all of my mates, until my friend bought an AX GT, which was about the same, but a bit quicker off the line. It used to eat VTRs! so not bad really. I really want to get back to driving it, and possibly mod it totally with a 16v golf mk.2 engine on throttle bodies....Sciroccos are quite light, mine only weighing 855 kg...

I had the speedo off the clock, so dont know how fast it could go (reading above 120 on a private runway). Its a lovely metallic blue/silver colour and always starts first time. Really boaty handling, so i put in some Koni adjustable shocks which made it better. A weird fact about it was that i never saw any anti roll bars! not even at the front! it certainly was boaty....
  Audi S3

My first car was a Nova 1.3 sr which i raged the tits off sold if for a tenner to the local scrapie and now i have my 16v baby which is curently covered in bugs! must go clean it!

  BMW 320d Sport

Well first car I drove was a D-reg 1.0 Popular Fiesta. Not even a demister as standard but a tough little motor. First car I actually bought with my own money was a 1.4 RT Clio. Then I got the 16v.

1st car was an N reg 1.3 Escort. Bought it off my dad for 5k, 3 months later drove it into a skip and wrote it off.

  silver valver/hybrid

first car was a 1.0 micra, took it off the clock which went to 100mph, pretty nippy for a 1.0, beat 1.1 fiestas on a regular basis! never crashed it, but spun it a few times on wet islands, the tyres were so skinny if it was raining you could get wheelspin in 3rd!

alex m..

god yes, I do remember the MG Maestro !!.

twin 40 DCNF Webers !!.. strangled by that bloody airbox..

Top speed was 102... went to 112 with airbox surround removed, and sounded bloody gorgeous !!..

and, the talking tart on the dash...

yep, it was fun !!


1st car a 1975 Mini 850 saloon. Rolled it through a hedge and killed it after thinking I was some kind of 18 year old Paddy Hopkirk.

2nd, a 1979 Mini Clubman Estate - written off, repaired and sold.

3rd, a 1971 Triumph Herald 13/60 convertible. Wonderful car which I ran into the groud, restored, ran ito the ground again, kept it with the aim of restoring again, then finally sold to be restored just 2 years ago when I realised it wasnt going to happen.

4th, a 1972 Triumph GT6 ,the poor mans E-Type. Took a year to restore. Probably the my favorite car to date that Ive owned. Unfortunately written off by a halfwit driving a Jaguar.

5th, a 1993 Mazda MX3 V6, bought with the insurance money from car No 4. Ragged it to the point where it needed more money spent on it than it was worth. PXd to finance car No 7.

6th, another 1973 GT6. Part restored restoration project, its in the garage. I look at it every week and say that Ill get on and finish it!

And No 7 my Clio. "align=absmiddle>

Jeeeeeeez m8 !

Paddy... long time no hear that name.....

I was marshalling on Roger Clarks come back appearence in the forest of bowland..... cant remember the bloody year.... but kewl !!!



  Shiny red R32

A gorgeous, well cared for REAL MINI COOPER. Not to be confused with the BMW box on wheels pretender! Everyone should have a mini at some time in their life.

GR, I have had 6 genuine minis..... from an 850 mk 1......... 1960... to a 78 1450 with sc/cr box Jack Knight..... and it went like sheeeeeeeeeeeeet !!..

it was awesome in its day...

  honda accord 2.4 type s

My first was an AX GT. Was surprinsgly quick, but after a heavy night out i sold it for half of what i paid!! to fund my

GT Turbo Raider, loved that car until some t**t wrote it off outside my mams (didnt even stop to say sorry) and when i eventually got the insurance, i got my

93 Clio 16 valve, probably paid over the odds for it back in 99, but still my favourite out the three