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What's better buy direct or from CPW or Phones4u places?

Just after a bit of advice on whether to get a contract direct from the network or go to places like cpw or p4u any advantages or disadvantages? cheers in advance oh I want to get the c905.
i bought a phone not that long a go from p4u... and i regret it big time.

Their level of support is crap. They always refer you direct to orange, and orange keep saying they are being idiots as they are meant to be dealing with things themselves... so it takes an eternity to sort anything out.

They messed up a couple of times on the billing to, and i am still waiting for them to sort it out.

I had to chase for redemption vouchers as they were never sending any.

Also, i wanted phone insurance... knowing it was only £5 from orange, however you can;t get it through orange, only p4u... at £15.99... and the dicks keep phoning all the time cos i dont have it.

I think orange have had their part in it though... they're just as stupid.

Next time i'm going with Vodafone. Direct.
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Carphone warehouse over phones for you anyday. Phones4u will happily take your money, and beyond that you're stuffed (and how often do new handsets break down?!)

Carphone warehouse has repaired my phones4u handset 3 times now free of charge, yet phones4u wouldnt touch it?!

Have had bad experiences buying direct too, cancel contract, they continue to take the money...