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Whats it worth

I know a lad selling the following Clio soon, and Id like some opinions on what people think the car is worth please!

The car was originally a K-Plate 16v.

Now it has an R5GTT turbo engine in running around 190bhp. Lots of chrome bits and colourful hoses.

A flip paint job

Half leather half alcantara retrim on the original seats

Quite decent ICE (not sure on the spec)

17" Wheels and lowered.

Ive got a number in my head, what do others think its worth?

Cheers, Tim

I was thinking around that maybe.....

Has anybody else on the boards got a clio with a R5GTT conversion? Whats it like to insure? Will many companies touch you because of the engine swap?

And if I buy it my Terminator front bumper, 16v interior and alloys (5 of) with tyres will be for sale if anybody wants them ;)

Any more views on its value? I dont want to be ripped off thats all...

My alloys are BK alloys not 16v ones (just read what i put above and ive worded it like my alloys are off a valver...)