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Whats it worth

  Clio 172 Cup, Eunos

Can anyone give me a rough price on what you would expect to pay for the following?

M 95 Clio 16V phase 2

Naples red

Full Electrics

Phase 2 Alloys, Brembo/Ebc Brakes (1 month old)

New wheel bearings all round,new clutch/ handbrake cables

Struts front n rear, K&N, Magnex cat back,

bodywork in almost excellent condition (couple of car park dents)

90k on the clock, cam belt changed at 69k

Lots of bills etc, some service history....2 owners from new, well maintained (origianl parts, quality oils etc)

What do ya reckon?

Parkers will tell you about £2500. But they also say that an equivalent Williams will be £3500. Most mint 16vs and Williams make well over that - becuase people will pay for a good one - just look at how much a mint Williams will fetch! Id say advertise at £3500-4000.

i paid £4000 for my MINT 1.8 16v over a year ago with FSH and only 40k with on the clock!! (took me 6months to find mind).With those sort of miles mate hope for £3500 and cross your fingers. The fact its a Phase 2 gives you a good head start. not sure about the colour tho :confused:
  Clio 172 Cup, Eunos

Cheers guys....thanks for your views, starting to worry a little cos ive started seeing some older 16Vs phase 1s going for silly money in the trader - saw a j plate for £1200....wanting to get hold of a Williams before the summer..

Older 16vs can be real dogs if theyve not been looked after. They cost a lot to repair and maintain. Meanwhile, a mint J-plate would easily be knocking on the door of £3k.
  Clio 182, OctaviaVRS

I reckon £3500 would be ok - if youre happy to take that for it though?!? I dont think youd get much more, as people are so put off of getting near that 100k
  Clio 172 Cup, Eunos

If i kept the car tho, how much would it cost to re-con the engine? or 2litre it?

Surley there are more clios with this type of milage on them?

If the car has done 90k, and i replace the engine, with a williams, and the milage is only say 50k on the engine, what happens then?

Your engine as it is will go on for as long as you want it to*

*(subject to terms and conditions, loving maintenance and lot of cash)

Having said that, Ive heard of Renault 19 16vs with 250k on the clock - basically the same engine as the Clio 16v. I really dont think that 90k is a point where these engines die. In fact, it has a lot of life left in it. But the rest of the car is a different matter.

The problem with a drastic change - like mods for more power or a more powerful new engine - is that the cars present engine and all its ancillary parts (gbox etc) will have worn together. So dont expect the driveshaft to be happy when its approaching retirement and then suddenly you give it another 30bhp to deal with. I know this from experience: I bought my car with a recently tuned engine. "What a bargain" I thought, until it ripped through my transmission and engine mounts.

Youll already know that these cars need a fair bit of TLC to keep them on top form. And you can make it perfect by putting a Willy/BB Turbo conversion in there with all the old bits renewed - but thats a lot more expensive than sticking with the existing 16v lump and keeping it cared-for.
  Clio 172 Cup, Eunos

I see, so if im to keep the car with the existing engine for a bit and want to maintain the optimum value, apart from looking after it (changing oil regulaly, not thrashing it when cold etc), what would i need to look at replacing in the engine? Gaskets? hydraulic tappets?

Or does it depend what goes when and just replace at the time?

I really do love the car as it is unique, and so many people seem to look and wonder what it is, but i do have my heart set on a late Williams, and wanna get as much cash down for that as i can from my 16V...if im gonna get enough, if not, just spend the cash on mine and upgrade, but like you say, more bits will need replacing...

Change the gearbox if you upgrade the engine.

Rumour has it the box in the 16v was only designed for 120bhp.

A friend of mine had one go at 77k, and he drives like a girlie susan.

He was already in huge debt, nearly topped himself.
  Clio 172 Cup, Eunos

Cheers Johnny Disco,

welcome to the forum....!

Do you like Saturday Night Fever and the Bee Gees?

My gbox is on 96k and my flatmates didnt go until 128k. And neither of us drive like a girlie susan!

Once a car like the 16v, 205 GTi or GT Turbo get over ten years old, youll see that there are sh*tters that go for £500, but the original and loved ones will always make over £3k. So depreciation is slow.