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whats the colour of my car??

  A blue one
can anyone tell me the colour code for my car please so i can get on with colour coding :approve:.

Cheers gazz.
  Iceberg Ph1
Look on the drivers side door jam mate near the bottom should be a sticker with some codes on it, that will have your paint code, post a pic up and someone could tell you what colour it is :)
  Iceberg Ph1
Only a picture of your actual car mate. I mean a picture of the sticker I described in my previous post :rasp:
  A blue one
lol sorry buddy, im just about to go give her a clean so il have one up when im done or il prob come in 10 mins cus its bloody freezin lol.
  330i. E30 Touring.
Nautical blue.

Christ knows what the paint code is though.

PM JD or Hutchie. They might know.
  A blue one
right i got a picture of it but it came out awfull after still 5 pictures so iv written the info down, here it is..... ready.....

first box: E2*98/14*0126

second box: CB05 F322323
E2 SAN913 SAN 513

think thats it, could anyone help atall please

thanks gazz
  A blue one
was just browsing the net and found out something, it said the paint code is in the place where it says "TED48" is that right?

thanks gazz
Hi Gazz,

When I was colour coding I also DIY'd it. I went into Halfords and they mixed up the paint there and then. Colour match was spot on.

I took my time and the results were perfect. Actually better than a repair body shop after my car got scraped.

I think the cans were 300 or 500 ml at the time, but this is four years ago :S :(
  A blue one
yeh im diy'in!!! yeh im alright spraying so il take my time and prep it up nice and well. what finish laquar did you use mate? gloss?

im confuesed now, dont know wheather to get it mixed up there or buy the paint pre-mixed lol. can you remember the price difference? dont really wont to spend over 40 quid.

cheers gazz.
  Iceberg Ph1
I Pm'd you about your lights Gazz..

As for paint, Halfords mix it for you, I think its circa £10 - £12 for a 500ml (Not got none for a while) You take the code into them and they custom mix it to colour match
No idea on price, but was less than 10 per can for me. I used about two cans of paint and two cans of lacquer/primer on side bump strips IIRC.
  clio mk 2 5 door
i have the same colour code car (D48) just wondering what the price difference will be from a body shop than me doing it. if its not too much more i may aswell get it done properly. if anyone has any advice that would be great.
nice colour car by the way ;)