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Whats Your next car gonna be

In october Iam thinking of changing my car but at the moment Iam just gathering up Ideas. So far I have in mind

Brand new scooby

Civic type r

skoda octiva rs

Or even an audi A3 1.8t or golf ??? Just for the build quality

For me, its either an old scooby wrx sti, a supra twin turbo, an E36 M3, possibly an rx-7 or something along the lines of a fisher fury or pilgrim sumo.

erm well personally id never by a VAG car, theyre just not fun cars, at all. You could never love one!

Im guessing your looking at around the 20k mark? Personally id get a second hand V6 Alfa GTV, with the aerokit, then get a 4x exhaust from autodelta, plus strut brace. Not only will it look the dogs nads, it will sound better than a ferrari. Now you could quite easily love one of those. Just in case you wanted something different !!

The sure it would be fun beating all the GTIs and TTs etc, but after a while youll have to face up to the fact that your driving a very ugly, boring car, mainly driven by farmers.

The CTR has a sublime gearbox, the engine is annoyingly peaky, the drivers tend to be tw*ts, and its an MPV. Stick to a 172.
  H22A7 Accord Type R

............There is a lot to be said for the Octavia RS! Its a very good value for money piece of kit, and the turbo whistle is pure joy!!! HE he, not that im biased coz my dad has one............Im first in line when he sells it!!! ;)

i actually love the CTR.....THE LOOKS ARE DIFF, THE engine is FAB.......peaky is FUN.....

but what sort of credentials are you looking for, daily car......speed hound?

Only if you represent Diff with tall and ugly. It looks good because it has a spoiler and a nice set of wheels. Top gear proved that with a lada. ;)

The 172 is a better car anyway, so why downgrade?

Get the alfa!!!

cause the engine is so much better,and has far more potential........

plus, the CTR will have 10x the tunning gear available soon.......

and, no its not because of big wheels and a spoler....the clio has that too fool......

stop being so opressive.

Im not being harsh ( i dont know the right spelling either). Its my honest opinion, so therefore i cant be wrong.

The clio looks good without the extra bits, thats why i bought mine in the first place.

Who cares about tuning, im assessing the standard car. Point is the clio 172 is the better car overall. I dont hate the CTR as the gearbox is sublime, makes the 172s box feel like your moving a stick through a pile of sh*t, but, I would never ever ever buy one.

I agree - Honda Civic Racing Type R or Imported Integra Racing Type R!!! CTR/ITR = More Road Precence!

New Scooby in a few years for me I think - have to do the Jap thing and Ill be 30 in 3 years - too old for a 172!

Mrs wants a second ahnd V6 also!

An integra is a whole different story. Now thats the only jap car id consider buying, its sweet. Read the article in evo?

no way!!

the MK1 celica is ace!

the AE86 is super dooooooooper

the mk1 mr2 is a demon

oh, i think you can see i lie toyotas too...haha...

the CRX is a good lil machine

loads of good jap cars.....well, older ones

Well I am going to get either a Pulsar Gti-r or a 3 door cossie, most likely the pulsar. Just have to hope i can find a job after uni to pay for it ;)

id get some kind of flame thrower alarms system! Problem with them is they look crap without a front intercooler and a few other mods which means insurance gets stupid for a £6k car..thats why most drivers are moustached 40 somethings!

As a tw*t who drives a CTR I better start looking soon;).

I am keeping my eye out for the a new Accord Type R. I do however like the look of the RX8. As the wife wants kids I need room and enough excellaration to pin the little buggers to the back windows.


tom, do you mean mk2 or mk3 rx-7?

jon, if you get a pulsar, make DAMN sure its a good one. They are really expensive to fix, and they dont do many mpg.

Article in Evo was immense mate although they done a similar article on the standard integra type R import in issue 39 (williams/172 cover) and they recorded a 0-60 of 6 whereas the racing type R is 6.5 and its lighter ???? Hmmmmm whats that all about!

Didnt mean any offence keith!

The RX8 is an interesting beast..would need to see it the flesh to make a decision on the looks..have a feeling it will be out of proportion. Im looking forward to seeing the new nizzan zs.
  VW Potato

all things being equal, it will be a 147GTA. Those V6 engines are just adorable. All things being unequal, another old GTV6. At least it has the V6... :)


dreaming only...

1. nissan 350z
2. alfa 147 gta
3. scooby 22b or p1
4. evo vii fq300

santa, ive beeen a really GOOD boy this year...

Have you ever tried anything thats not front wheel drive? I dont mean to sound condecending (ive probably spelt that wrong), but ive got a real thing for non fwd cars, i really want my next car to be rwd, but ill settle for four.

RWD doesnt mean its a better car though, and to exploit one i would suggest going on a track to learn how to use one properly, otherwise you wont get the best out of it. Either my minds gone blank or there are no affordable RWDs? (Bearing in mind im not a jap or bmw fan!)

Ill be keeping my lowly 1.2 until i can get a boxster in (fingers crossed) 2 years

For me it must have rally potential and the only real option is....forget your jap offence to any owners on the forum....

buy a Lancia Delta Integrale

Enough Said..nice ones are like rocking horse poo though!

Your right about rwds being expensive, its something that annoys me a bit cos if you want a decent affordable quickish car, it has to be fwd, or at a push 4wd, why dont they make cars like that lotus sunbeam thing anymore?

well, i know why actually, its cost.
  Scirocco GT TSi DSG

I will either go for a CTR, R32, or Cupra R. But this is not for several years as I am incredibly happy with my 172.

Just thinking about swapping the Cup for a mark 2 Elise next Summer.

Otherwise Ill use the cash to swap the P1 - ideas on that one range from a hairdressing Boxster to 996 to new EVO 8 to VX 220 turbo or Elise Mark 2 with a 160 conversion.

Alternatively, might just sell the P1 and stick with the one car for a while.

As you can tell I havent made my mind up :confused:


  MKII Vee

I want that MG off topgear last night FAT chance at 60 grand, next car will be a Scooby , Evo or GOlf 4 motion

Quote: Originally posted by RobFenn on 23 December 2002

RWD doesnt mean its a better car though, and to exploit one i would suggest going on a track to learn how to use one properly, otherwise you wont get the best out of it. Either my minds gone blank or there are no affordable RWDs? (Bearing in mind im not a jap or bmw fan!)

Ill be keeping my lowly 1.2 until i can get a boxster in (fingers crossed) 2 years
volvos, saabs, chevys, vans, pickups,

vx220s have a heavy degree of safetee understeer engineered into them.....

the MK1 elise will be cheaper, and teh MK2 better looking.....although the MK1 with exige wheels can look super sexy
  Mk4 MX-5, Smart 451

i must admit that i am starting to get quite hooked on Renault Sports, so i wouldnt be surprised if i will be going for a V6 next, i think they look awesome, but seeing as my 172 is only a month old i will be sticking with that for a while.

Gaz 2130