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Wheel Alignment / Geo Setup Staffordshire/Cheshire


ClioSport Club Member
After my track day next week I'm sending my Coilovers for a rebuild.

When back and fitted, I want to get the car fully set up and weighted correctly so it drives to its best when on track.

I've searched Facebook and Google and can't find anywhere that can get it all set up for me.

Does anyone know anywhere within the area of staffs/Cheshire or just outside


ClioSport Club Member
  Clio 182
Can't recommend Ben and Twiggy at VTEC Direct enough, they're in Winsford. Excellent with Race and track prepared Clio's too, Ben can do a full track setup for you no problem.


ClioSport Club Member
  Merc Dueliner sport
Brother uses them for his sprint/hillclimb car, and other mates use them for their rally cars.

Flat Eric

ClioSport Club Member
  F31 35d, Berlingo Na
I used A line in Dudley. Will be a bit of a drive for you if you are north staffs, I'm south staffs though.


ClioSport Club Member
Thanks all for the replies.

I've given Motion Motorsport a message as they're on my doorstep and the reviews speak well for them!


ClioSport Club Member
best get on the phone, speak to Dave or Jake - or nip in and have a chat
Ideal, il divert home on an early one day and go in! I'm not having my coilovers refurbished until end of the month, then there's a 4-6 week turnaround so no major urgency!