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Wheel Ideas

  Mini 1000/172/Leon
I currently have a ph2 172 with standard wheels and wanted to change them for some different ones as these are a bit tatty and also to me seem very heavy so instead of refurbing them thought I would change them. Budget is around £500 - £600 any ideas what to get pictures would be appreciated if don't like any may just get my standard ones refurbed in gunmetal grey as the tyres are in good nick the car is dark blue.
Not turinis or 2118s as everyone has them;)

be different there is some decent wheels out there for thje budget you have..
  clio 172
ive just put white clio turbines on my ph2 172. probally not to most peoples taste but i like em and ther abit different as opposed to the usual turinis:approve:
  V6 255
Don't think grey goes with Blue personally. I'd be looking at some team dynamics 1.2 or 3's in white of silver