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wheel measurements

  renaultsport 182
what measurements do i need to know when buying my new wheels?? and does anyone here know them?? my car is 2003 1.2 16v clio mk2 ph2 :dapprove:
  Chocolate Bar™
width. 7'' for example.
PCD and centre bore. 4x100, but no idea on the perfect centre bore.

most people will physically state it fits the renault.
  Honda Civic Type R '02
yeah, if u buying from a retailer, like wheelbase etc. just tell them what kind of car you have, they'll know.

But whatever size wheels you choose, the stud fitement should be PCD 4x100
Offset ET38-42 i believe.
Bore of 60.1mm, but a retailer will provide you with plastic rings to bridge the gap if they are not that exact size.