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Wheel refurb for 172

  Black Ph2 172
Hey guys,

I am looking at getting the wheels on my 172 refurbed and wondered if anybody could reccomend a good place to get them done? I don't want to travel far (based in Fleet, Hants).


  Evo 6, E92 320d
Ive heard good things about lap-tab based in Birmingham. Have you considered doing it yourself, really is quite easy and you'll save a bit on cash too.
  Clio MK 4
Sorry to hijack the post, but I'm looking for one near Harrogate in Yorkshire if anyone can help too!

I'm from harrogate :D

i need to get one of mine done and been told to go to north eastern tyres at st james retail park in knaresborough. They have a guy who only does that.

or in starbeck where all body garages are just after the train line crossing there is a place who does them.
  Chocolate Bar™
chips away and similar companies can do localised repairs (curbing etc.) with the wheel in situ