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Wheel Refurb tips

  Clio 172
Ok i have a ph1 172 and the alloys have seen better days, a couple of them are badly kerbed and im gonna have a go at refurbing them myself and painting them black, im gonna give it a go on the spare and if it comes out good will do the rest

ok, im after tips and a list of whats needed from my knowledge i will need to firstly

clean and dry the wheels
fill the kerb and scratches on the wheel?
sand down? (using wet n dry?)
continue this till smooth ish??
primer the alloy using 2-3 coats, and after each coat wash n dry to remove dust
then add top layer of paint 2-3 coats
then laquer 2-3 coats

am i on the right track? what sort of wet n dry etc is needed, grades?
any help n tips r highly appreciated!!

thank you

  Clio 172 Cup
When i refurbed my Williams wheels, i used a file to take out the curbing from the rim and sand paper to make it nice and smooth.
Then i got them shot blasted and powdercoated.
Look good now.