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wheel swap time - again

  Ultra Red Megane 225
from this......


to this......



I like. thoughts?

oh and no i havent got the turinis and i dont want them either.
  Megane 225 F1
I like mate.

Does anyone else think that when you lower a 1*2 the rear arches look a bit weird as they dont go with the same curved line as a wheel?


ClioSport Club Member
  Clio 200 RS EDC
much better than the tubs - you playing with the colour or leaving them like that?


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ClioSport Club Member
Looks good apart from the crappy cheap looking white badge.
  Ultra Red Megane 225
prefer teh turbines! what you doing with them?

theyre currently on a black polo, this is only a temporary swap.

they'll be getting another coat of paint before they go back on, not sure whether to keep them white though
Wheels look good! Gold for some reason works on yours whereas on any other car (other than a williams) it looks turd. But for me i'd go back to standard diamonds to match the polished lips. I think other colours like green/orange wouldn't really work, white or mondial blue centres could work...
  Dynamique Flamer
Have you and Scott swapped wheels? Haha I bet the turbines suit the polo, not quite sure of Scott's wheels on yours maybe of they were one colour it would look better??


ClioSport Club Member
  ph2 172 track car
prefer the turbines - it seems a lot cleaner looking with them on imo.