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Wheels and subs

its a pain cos im neever happy-goes on forever! yer they are 17s!

can i only get the fogs from renault?

ne idea how much it costs?

cheers guys


You can get fogs cheaply from eurocarparts I think. As for lowering, I have to agree. Ive not seen a new shape Clio on 17"s without being lowered, as everyone I know lowered it first before getting the rims (including me!) but I do think theres a lot of room in the arches and the sides of the car look too far off the ground! But the wheels are nice. What are they? theyre like Miglia Evos but I can tell theyre not because the 4-stud Evos have shorter spokes, the spokes dont continue as far into the centre of the wheel (the reason I didnt get them!) - those look better.


the wheels are wolfrace spirits! i really liked da evos, but there was just something not quite right, so i went for these!

shall i get da piperx induction kit and relocation pipe next or lowering? or exhaust