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Wheels Rubbing

I have a mk II 172 sport that has recently been fitted with 17" wheels. Previously it was lowered by 30mm on the origanal 16s.

I now find that when its just me in the car the rubbing never occurs, however when there is someboby in the back, the wheels do rub on the back arches quite bad. Anybody experiencing the same problem, if so what should I do?

Can the arches be rolled?

  Astra 1.9cdti XP

I thought I knew what offset the standard 172 wheels were but now when I write it down it doesnt look right.....I hate it when that happend!!!

I thought the standard wheels where ET38.5??? So if your new ones are the same then you shouldnt have any problems.

I just took off my 17s at the weekend as i think the snows going to hit soon. When i took off the rear pass side i noticed that there had been a fair bit of scrubing, its rubbed away a lot of the inner arch about 20mm wide by 250 mm long and a couple of mm deep. The tyre is also a wee bit slick on the inside. can you buy spacers to take the wheel out a fraction ????

No scrubbage on mine either until you get rear passengers. The offset on the new 17"s are 38. What should I do?

  Silver Fabia vRS

If youve got ET37 or ET38, there is a high possibility you will get scrubbage even if it isnt lowered. I had ET40 wheels (which Chris now has on his car above) and even with it lowered, a boot full of booze, luggage on the back seats and two people up front I had no scrubbage at all.