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Wheely confusing

Hello ladies and gents.

A question for you:

My old wheels on my RT where 14" with a massive tyre. Now when I got some alloys I put 15" rim and a low profile tyre to keep the size down so it didnt fudge up my speedo. Now I am getting a valver (when I get the cash) but I was wanting to know, they take 16" wheels as default dont they? Just wondering, would it work the same to get 17" and low profile tyres. Or would they just be too big? Odviosly if the wheels are to big it will bugger accleration aswell. And thats the reason I am buying a 16v. So I would rather drive around with 16s on than ruin my performance. I want the extra grip (and looks) but no slow down. So can I do it then? Or will changing the wheels at all change the performance?

  BMW 320d Sport

Standard wheels on a 16v are Speedline 6.5x15 with a 185/55/15 tyre. (On a Willy with the wider track it was a 7.0x15 wheel.) Loads of people have put 17s on valvers with no trouble at all, its not so weedy that the acceleration will suffer that much, although I suppose it is noticeable if youre into that sort of thing. The more noticeable effect will be the tramlining that youll get because of the extra width of tyre on the road.

I have noticed that on my measly RT. So thats not much of a problem. So would it be best to got for a 16" rim with low profile tyres? Would that get the same circumfrerance (or however you spell it) as a normal wheel?

  Renault Laguna Coupe

Look on the home page at Articles - Tyre fitment guide its all on there. Dont worry about the acceleration - youll never notice unless youre a quarter mile junkie.