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Where’s that topic gone 106Gti v 172

What they delete the threads?? Thats pants.....

Where was we anyway..... 172 will out handle a 106 or a saxo anyday!!!
  Silver Fabia vRS

Yeah I deleted the was getting out of hand and basically becoming a slanging match between people, not good for the forum. In hindsight (such a wonderful thing) I should have locked the thread.

Yep, your right its not good for the forum when someone challenges your pride and joy and suggests its not as good, sorry no better than other hot hatches available.

According to the thread that got deleted, it would appear that you have to work the car much more in order to keep it going in the direction you want, that to me doesnt indicate better handling.

If I was to drive my VTS as hard as you have to in a 172 then I reckon Ill be coming out of the corner first/faster ;) as its not such as handful to tame as the 172.

I can quite happily take round abouts and tight bends at 40+ what about you boys? :cool:

I dont find clios a handfull.. just got to know what you are doing.... Its easy with Clios to switch from understeer to oversteer etc.... I love the handling of them.... And there is no way your beat a 172 out a roundabout if i was behind the wheel

  Clio v6

I think it was deleted on the grounds that it may have had some words in it like "hello" or "fast car", which could possibly relate to words found on other websites thus breeching copyright rules.

I hope you have not found my post offensive in any way. I love you all and this is a very nice forum.

I didnt see the thread in question, however I do beleive all this bull was started by Big Bash saying that the 172 was pants going round roundabouts comapared to his 106!

I went out the other night just to confirm that he was infact talking b0locks! It was wet, greasy and the 172 was flying around roundabouts at ridiculous speeds! If a 106 or saxo had decided to join in the fun, they wouldnt have stood a chance!

Consider the FACT I own both a 106 GTI and a MK2 172 and drive them both. Ive tested them both out in the same conditions on the same roads day in day out. This is FACT not what most of you guys base your assumptions on, your friends cars, or ones other people have been driving.

I 100% stand by my statement that the 106 GTI is a superior handling car than the 172, maybe not for comfort, but pure cornering ability.

Yes your right Steve its getting boring now, it just shows the level of intelligence and age of a number of this forums members. I came here to find out more about my 172, only to find that a large number of you lot arent even prepared to accept other peoples knowledge and opinions.

Ill leave all you clio lot to mull over a trackday video taken by one of your 172 fellow owners, notice how he cant even catch, let alone overtake the 106 (and its not even a gti) added to the fact he was being held up by a 306.....Perhaps its time you (not everyone, but enough of you) started to respect other hot hatches around as it wont be long before youll be embarrassed by one.
  Lionel Richie

Right i have an idea, HOW ABOUT A RENO VS PUG DAY on a track???? This will settle the arguement once and for all!!! And i can prove that the 1.2 16v is more than just a shopping trolley!!!!!



yeah my 1.2 is a better drive than the 106gti (hell of a lot more fun!!)

come on then pug boys!!!

172 Cup = One of the best track cars at the mo - me friends went over to palmersport trackday and most of the driveres were saying that the cup racer was setting faster lap times than evos etc and most where queuing up for another go so to speak! On the other hand 106GTi not go there again.........there aint really any comparison? LOTUS is the word.........

Hey watch that video and it dont even look like he is trying! He is short shifting.... not changing down enough for the corners.... what a sh*te driver
  CTR EK9 turbo

Big_bash and VTS_DUDE is the same person (same ip address) appears someone from the Saxo forum is sabotaging the clio forum........great.

Sorry, I forgot to leave you the guys web address. This guy actually tracks his 172 on a regular basis, something most of you have not even done yourself, so I think Ill side with his view than yours steve.....Have a good look through his site and look out for the comment on the Integra.

On the IP front, its not me but a colleague from another office up north as we all use the same firewall and proxy masking our real address, I just told him to take come and see what he thought of this forum.
  Honda Civic Type R GT

Gotta agree with Big Bash, the cornering/handling of the 106 GTI is better than the 172 in my opinion.


i would like to say that being a clio forum and 96% of you have clios you will say that clios are better but if you go on a peugeot forum and ask them they will tell you that the 106gti is better.

the best way to see which is better would be on a track as Fred2001Dynamic said you need a clio v 106 track day.

in my view the clio is fast in a line but the 106 can corner better but thats only what i can see from videos and information about the 2.