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Where and how to disconnect Fuel line and pump fuel out with relay.

  Nissan Pixo
Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone can tell me where to find the fuel line on the Renault Clio RS 200.

It was my grandfathers and after his passing in 2016 the car has been stationary since then.

Tried using a siphoning pump but could feel there is an anti siphon in the filler tube, so this is my next option.

Can anyone provide info or diagrams for the engine bay and tell me how to disconnect the fuel line and then turn the fuel pump on to drain it out that way.

Thanks in advance!
  Nissan Pixo
2009/2010 would be a MK3, easiest way would be to remove the back seat base, remove the fuel tank access cover, remove the fuel sender from the tank and then siphon out the fuel.
Cheers for the info, will have to give it a try this way then. Is there much access doing it like this then? As the car is 3 door, would have thought it would be annoying having to climb over the front seat trying to get back and forth.
  Nissan Pixo
So I managed to find the fuel line and in the engine bay and managed to get some fuel out by starting to turning it over slowly.

Decided that the fuel was okay to run the engine for a bit but would still like to get it all out and put all fresh in.

Can anyone tell me where the fuel relay is and the diagram for it, so I can just use the fuel pump to get.

Thanks in advance