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Where can i get turbo oil feed (gt28rs)

got the new turbo for the clio but the feed is diffrent from the one thats on there, i need a new one, ive found a couple of ktis on ebay but thier all from japan (apart from one which is £40) advice?

ive tried crturbos!
  ITB'd MK1
I got one made by Earls at Silverstone, but they're quite expensive for one off bits. I'd go to Hose-Solutions every time now
cant find anything on hose solutions site, you reckon they can do me something if i ring them up?
I had bits from pirtek to plumb in my water cooling and there a m14 thread but they were quite expensive even with a 25% discount!!!

The oil lines were provided by ktec and tbh they maybe worth a call as with your cs discount they might be reasonable.

As Danny says yours should be as a T2/T25/T28 so do a bit digging around to find out the exact thread pitch etc.. otherwise you'll struggle when phoning hose specialists as they have very little to do with turbos and won't know what your talking about.