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Where can i top up the gearbox oil????

  Renaultsport clio 172
I think either the gearbox saying bye bye or just the input shaft bearings are gone, but its definatly leaking oil

so for now until i get pay to sort it does anyone know where to top up the gearbox oil???
  PH1 172 Sport
How much is it leaking? They all seem to weep a little.

If you look on the front of the box there is butterfly screw. You fill the box up there and the level needs to be to the bottom of that hole.
  Renaultsport clio 172
Its leaking not loads but enough to leave biggish oil patch on the drive which its never done before:(

Thanx for tha, be topping up later
  Renaultsport clio 172
good point, i remember when my rover leaked that it did smell realy bad like cats piss, definatly check that when i get chance, cheers Damo Sport

and yea gna get it seen to when i can, just wana get it topd up for now incase i need to drive it, id rather top it up for now than have nothin in till its bein repaird
  Renaultsport clio 172
up early tmz morin so gna check that to, hopefully aint that i just had both driveshafts replaced. It all startd cause i reversed to hard and it popd out and ever since my reverse soundin loud and real bad and drives horrible, other gears tho are fine.

Maybe that reason?? maybe driveshaft loose or smthin??
  BG 182 FF
Had a brand new steering rack fitted at the beginning of the year and it started leaking gearbox oil soon after.

Problem was the inner drive shaft gaitor that had not been put on properly. Oil leak stopped after gaitor was fitted back correctly.

Hope you get it sorted mate.
  Renaultsport clio 172
I cant find a butterfly screw on the front of the box but i found this-


Could this be where to top the gear oil up??


and thanx I1clio i hope it gets sorted to, goin back to the garage i had the driveshafts done tmz
  Golf GTD Mk7
little white plastic wing nut, remove, top up. jobs a good one. Just a pain to get at. I use tubing to do it.