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where do I start

I bought a new Clio 172 in Feb had an accident in March and the insurance company decided to replace it yesterday (even though they had already repaired the bodywork!! it took 5 months!!) anyway Im looking forward to getting another brand spanking new Clio and seeing as im due in court in November I probably wont be able to drive it:(
I would like to personalise my new car but where do I start? Wheels ? engine? Im sure im going to have a lot of time on my hands so please help any suggestions would be good and places to get the work done etc... as you can see I havnt got a clue

ClioJohn I dont think NOS is a very good idea looking at my past driving history but thanks anyway for your 2 pennies worth;)


  Shiny red R32

How about a personalised number plate Lucy?

Why might you not be able to drive it? Was the incident your own fault?

yes I think it was down to inexperience more than anything else (I have only been driving about 9 months) I wasnt speeding, drinking or anything like that .... I went in to the back of a car turning right at a junction (which happened to be after a bend) looking back it could have been avoided but I just slammed the brakes on and skidded. Gutted !! and about 2 weeks ago got a court summons through the post for driving without due care and attention which I have pleaded not guilty to of course !
  Silver Fabia vRS

Are you sure you can afford to mod a 172 after having claimed on your insurance! :eek:

Oh yeah first simple mod - Join Cliosport and stick some stickers to your car - It also gives you about another 10bhp per sticker!

Driving for 9 months and you buy a 172!

I had to put up with a battered old Citroen ax for the first year after getting my license, and I even managed to write that off. To be fair though, I did hit a white car when it was snowing. :oops:
  Clio 197

The 172 really doesnt need any modding. The bit that needs the modding is the spacer betwixt the steering wheel and the seat.

A good start would be a bit of high performance driving instruction. Then you would be able to utilise the performance capabilities of you car as it is and suss out what mods you need later on.

Brakes and tyres might be the next logical step.
  Clio 197


Dont take offence to "spacer". Just a figure of speech I tend to use to describe most any driver from absolute beginner to Michael Schumacher.

Good luck.


Geoff -yes (but only just)

hype- never mind hun

Eddd- Thanks for that! i think ill just go slit my wrists :(

never mind the high performance driving.. you need to take the IAM advanced motorist course.

Best thing you can do is plead guilty.. you were driving without the due care and attention - otherwise you wouldnt have hit the back of the other car ...

Book the course now and start the lessons.. tell them that in court too.. it may well help.

the advanced course will teach you what you need to know..

captain s - where can I get one of these courses from ?? I think you are probably right about the pleading guilty thing It has been on my mind for a couple of days.

Sorry about your crash Lucy...

One thing though, with abs, why did it skid? I thought that prevented a lock up even under extreme braking?

Lucy (Institute of advanced motorists)

Yeah, you cannot win on a due care charge, its a cover all.. however, dress innocently lol, get a good solicitor, and show that you are doing something constructive..

a good solicitor should be able to impress the bench with that.

Stu, abs will not prevent sliding or skidding, it will try to prevent a lock up thats all by mechanical cadence braking effect. it cant work wonders. If you are too fast, too close.. no matter what abs or brakes you have, you are gonna hit.

Skidding is defined as

the involuntary movement of the vehicle due to the grip of the tyres on the road becoming less than a force or forces acting on the vehicle. in other words, a vehicle skids when one or more tyres looses normal grip on the road

Now, thats straight from RoadCraft manual (IAM).. dont mention brakes at all.. ABS only helps prevent a wheel from lock up nothing more, it is still extremely easy to lose it if the speed is too fast and the distance to correct is too short.


Thats a bit worrying.. I suppose you never know if these things are gonna work until you need them. Even if the dash lights say everything is ok..!.. but how do you know they are working!!!

brake in a clear are - hard.. if the pedal thumps like a macjine gun.. its working..

it is worth stressing that abs does NOT really improve braking, it assists the driver thats all.

insurance companies offered a slight discount when abs first appeared, that has now been withdrawn as they found that people tend to drive beyond their capabilities in a false sense of security with these driver aids.

  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

Stuman I am just trying to see where you said ABS will stop a skid or a slide

I thought you said it will stop the wheels locking !
  Clio 197


The Captain is right about the driving course. I didnt notice the bit about driving for nine months!

Good luck in court, and work on improving the skills behind the wheel.

And by all means dont slit the wrists!


chavs.. are you checking my responses now against the context ??:eek: hee hee....

One thing though, with abs, why did it skid? I thought that prevented a lock up even under extreme braking?

was the post.. seems pretty clear to me that some confusion in terminology and causation exists, hence the reply.....

it is often that locking and skid terminology cause this kind of confusion... abs does NOT stop skidding.. it merely causes a reduction in skidding caused by a locked wheel..., however, it is simple fact that many types of skid are NOT caused by a locked wheel, but many people think abs is a cureall to ANY skidding.. it aint. you can have a full fourwheel skid with working abs as well as without...

lol.. :sleep:

well, spose it keeps you off the streets huh ???

I wouldnt be surprised if it could assist your abs as well if you add another clockwise turn dood... (If would if it caused a leak in yer servo circuit lol !!)

Dont tune it too much though.. It cost Brun a new ECu, a new ISCV and months of crappy idling... It would appear it works best if removed, cleaned, reset, and returned to the box it came to you in.....:devilish:
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

Yerr I might just do that and follow your instructions........ Nah never listened to anything you said before whay start now ! LOL
  Clio 197

Now, a litre of water weighs a kilogram. A litre of ice somewhat less. How much would a litre of dry ice weigh? I think we are onto something here...

Is ice actually dry water? Now freeze dried dehydrated water...Im starting to lose my train of thought here...better call the Ecotek alchemists!


Edd, it is dehydrated to nothing.. !! it fits in any container.. you dont even need a bag... (only 10 bucks a gallon too)

all you need to do is add water to it to reconstitute the original composition.

I believe they are doing beer too.. but could be wrong...

Edd, by the way, to jump on the pedantic bandwagon...

is the litre of ice a litre of formed ice.. or a litre of water frozen..

ie, if the ice occupies one litre of space.. it is actually less than 1 litre of water..

my head hurts now...

and Chavvs,

why dont we all suffer from oxygen deprivation when dry ice is being used at a concert for fogging effects ??.. due to inspiration being triggered by high levels of CO2 in a healthy person (as opposed to low levels of O2 in a chronic respiratory patient (Hypooxic drive), we should breath faster ??.. perhaps its a plan to make ya think the concert is better than it is.. as you breath faster the heart rate increases too..

and, perhaps it minimises the risk of hyperventilation in young females at a concert ???.. the best cure is to reinhale expired air to increase blood CO2 levels...

Just a thought... bugger all to do with the thread, but it just occured to me lol...

hee hee
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI


Wow !

How cool is that ? I didnt even stop to think about that insignificant piece of information.

I think I am going to sleep better now that I know that !


  Shiny red R32

Captain, what about the young/old guys at a Concert? Especially if it is Britney Spears or Madonna, or in the case of Nick read S-CLUB JUNIORS!!!

Im signing up for thst course captain s think I will take your advice and plead guilty with mitigating circumstances and use the driving course and see if that works. Thanks for the advice as for dressing innocently !!! well ill just have to go out and buy a pink sweater or somthing :D

  Clio 197

Captain, I am referring to one litre volume of ice. You are correct in that melted it would be less than one litre of water, therefor weighing less than one kilogram.

Now if you dehydrate or dry the ice, a litre would weigh even less than a litre of your dehydrated water wouldnt it?

Might be great for filling dirigibles with...

lol.. Chavvs, Hope u sleep better knowing that ...:D

Sylvia, yep !.. Never thought about the S club Juniors and Nick... hmmmmmmm, possible coma huh ??? ........ hee hee

Lucy, yep, it usually works.. love the pink sweater idea - maybe pigtails too hee hee ! - get yer solicitor to extol the virues of the fact that your insurance has been increased, your pride n joy damaged, that you have evaluated everything and enrolled with the iam etc etc, I am reasonably confident that with those circumstances you may get CPS to drop the due care charge in respect of the remedial action you are planning.. they love a self improver;)

And finally, Eddd, yep.. me thinks you are correct, the derigable filling may be a gold mine !!.. perhaps if we dried the dehydrated h20 then we could reduce the mass to even less than lighter than air - this would have terrific implications for lighter than air travel..

Now, what if we allow a controlled inlet of the dried dehydrated h20 into an inlet manifold.. would we have better power, pickup, fuel consumption etc ??.. sounds promising, and the re-constitution would cause a rotary turbulence in the plenum causing better mixture.. and.. the best bit..

the DDH (Dried , dehydrated, h20) has now been proven to be both lighter than air and also occupy a negative volume (ie smaller than a small thing).. so it takes up a minus allowance of space.. if we could pack a clio with DDH - and still feed some to the inlet, then not only would all the above be true, but we would be lightening the vehicle too leading to better strip times ??.

hmmmmmmmm,, sounds like a winner to me..