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Where do you look

Im currently on the prowl for a decent valver. Im just wondering where people found / are currently looking for their cars? I am looking on just about every car site on the net plus as many forums as i can (not many for the clio!). Any other places where i might be missing the car of my dreams?

Why is it that everything is either too expensive or too cheap! I went to see a 16v in Ealing on Friday. The one in Autotader that has Williams wheels. On the outside it is very nice. No rusty arches and generally quite tidy. But under the bonnet is a nightmare. There is about 1/2 turn play in the steering and it has been clocked so badly that none of the numbers line up!!! (I must say i was a more than little suspicious of the K reg that had done 52k!!). I told the dealer that i would come back at the weekend then did a runner. The search continues!