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where is clio double spoiler

its a genuine renault part, even ktec had bought theirs from renault im not sure if anyone makes an aftermarket copy, not much help i know

I have been trying various companies as i am trying to get a 172 style spoiler for my clio to replace the existing spoiler, was quoted £150 for spoiler and £200 for painting and installation. Now after someone gave me a hint trying car breakers every where with no luck :( if anyone writes off their 172 please please message me and i will buy the spoiler what ever colour it is.

boyracer666 & Alymac which spoiler are yous after the 172 or cup style?*PmetE80ui8W08S6tFFX!RmZoECRbdc1BF66pI967nE5vhfl8vFcwCXaeKvazoXP2mNk3l!iUdfruklfjKph0NVPccjjJWWrMTWxH9UXtqXku3tDXlc/Cup-Roof-Spoiler">

The 1 in the picture is a 172 cup spoiler is this what your after or the normal 172 spoiler? let me know if its the normal 172 as ive got 1. (and its in iceberg silver)

cheers paul

150 for the spoiler doesnt surprise me but the spraying im sure you could get a cheaper quote for, i presume when you say double spoiler you are talking about the non standard one which is a renault accessory which you can see fitted to a couple of cars in the gallery ?

the double spoiler is not the same as a cup spoiler, the pic of paul172s car above is a cup spoiler the standard 172 spoiler is a bit smaller and the brake light is a different shape
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.....before i go and get the standard dynamique / 172 spoiler painted, how much is it for a plastic Cup spoiler? i think its plastic anyway! Im just wondering how much it would be to get a cup spoiler and painted silver??? any ideas?
  H22A7 Accord Type R

alymac, the 172 spoiler is the same as on the dynamique, although ts colour coded on the 95% sure they are the same
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The double spoiler is the one Jason bought from me !! See the gallerys and youll see it there on Jass 172.

They are no longer made although there are few left in the Renault parts depts around the country.

The 172 one and the dynamique are more or less the same.

The nicest one is the ones on the cups. IMO !!