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Where is my Brake Fluid Reservior

I know this sounds daft but I cleaned the car yesterday, decided to check all my fluid levels at the same time. Ive done this a couple of times before but it suddenly dawned on me that I dont appear to have a brake fluid reservior!! Even got my dad to check, he couldnt find it and hes a mechanic with 40 years experience.

Checked my manual, it shows it to be between the Coolant expansion bottle and the power steering fluid reservior, but mine aint there! :confused:

I havent had time to have a good look, but I am hoping that it is hidden behind the sound deadening, or is it in completely more obscure place on the 172 mk.2

Anyone know where its gone? Anyone had the same problem?

whoops!!! better get that checked...mines exactly where is shows in the manual. Mines a March 2002 model 172 mk2, dont think theyve changed em since then..:confused:

This has been posted before, the handbook doesnt show location for 172. But before you go mad its between the block and the bulkhead left hand side of the engine as you look at it, but well tucked away out of eyeline

Take your engine cover off and you will see it where GIRTH says.

My manual says it is between the coolant and power steering too as did my Mk1 but nope.