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where to buy Exhaust system from

Morning again :)

I cant bring myself to buy this system from dpmotorsport, as the site looks a bit dodgy :eek:

Anyone recommend a good online store in uk that sells scorpion systems



  Shiny red R32


I have just sent you an e-mail, but I dont know if you can access it at your work place.

I will second what Telford_Mike says, and if you want to get through to DT quicker, then go direct to my pal JOHN HARRIS on 01978 663 057 or email him with your phone number and he will phone you back."> and mention either that SYLVIA recommended you or just mention Cliosport if you prefer, then he will sort you out with an exhaust and he will probably give you a discount as well.


Nice one Mike/GR!

just ordered it!! w0000000000000000000000000t

Should be here middle next week, and installed by end of!! :D


Scorpion system + delivery here for £215! :)

sylvia i didnt see ur post before i phoned them :(

he seemed like a quiet chap... wasnt very loud on the phone.

if u know him, maybe get me discount ;)


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Wasnt John then, he chats for ages if he isnt too busy!

If you didnt get a discount, it is probably a bit late now!

Sounded a good price anyway.

yeah, i was happy with the price! system was £202 and £13 for shipping to jersey!!

well happy

cant wait to get the thing on now!!

feel a sickday coming on now next week ;)

I reckon Im going to get a magnex, so is it okay if I speak to your guy there GR? Ill give you the report James and tell you what youre missing!!!


i looked on the demontweeks site.. and they said thatr

"Scorpion are a highly respected exhaust manufacturer often achieving impressive results in magazine tests"

Magnex part just says TVR etc use them.. :)

ill let u know how it goes!


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John will help you, and the more of us that contact him direct, the better, because at Demon Tweeks they sort of run their own little business so the more often you deal with the same person, the better it is all round, ie, more discounts for everyone.


£240 all in inc P&P for the magnex. Cheers GR, he is doing -10% for recomended by Sylvia. Probably going to order it next week. So scorpian is still cheaper. Will have to compare at the next meet James!!