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Where to get wheels re-furb/powder coated in norwich area

  182 FF
Hi Guys/Gals

I want to get my 182 alloys refurbed and then powder coated white. I have a new set of conti sport2's ready to go on at the same time. Was hoping to find someone that would do it for £200 (£50 a corner), went to rim tec in norwich on my lunch the other day and they quoted 65 + vat per corner.

can anyone recommend somewhere nearby they have used.

thanks in advance

James D
What condition are the wheels in? I'll give a price dependant on that! Also i can get it powder coated an off white colour similiar to the ITR/EK9 white
  182 FF
wheels i would say are in generally good condition, just some minor scrapes not big chunks out of them. Just looking for a normal white really, can you do this, how much do you charge?
I can do black/silver/off white :( If just minor scrapes and not too bad it will be about 40 a wheel.

Where about in Norfolk are you?