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Which alloys are the lightest available

I know about the SuperLs, but they only come in an ET37 offset, Team Dynamics "Pro Racing"s are goodnlight, but only in White or Anthracite, and only in 15" or 17", but in nearly any offset you want.

So, any others I could consider? I want light, and really as close to an ET48 offset as pos, and I would like the choice of 16" and 17", but without having to pay £400 a corner plus tyres LoL



f1 cup split rims?

oz crono magneisum?


try some race rims speedline, raceline, compomotive etc

Yes Tom, the 172 mk2 wheels are ET48, strange but true.

Ill have a look around, but most wheel places online dont quote the weight of the things, which is why Im asking here...... Cheers for the suggestions, Ill see if anyone quotes weights on them wheels.

But only in an ET37 offset :( and getting used by everyone it seems (no offense to anyone on here :)) I think the offset is pretty important, as the back shock aint too far from the wheel anyway and pulling it in further aint gonna help if I do any other stuff like coilovers etc (maybe I can get someone to skim 11mm off the centre, thus giving me an ET48 offset? hehe :p
  Lionel Richie

Roamer mate, youre confusing me with all this offset nonsense!!!!! ET48 std wheels means theyre further into the body of the car, ET37 means theyre further out hence widening the track of the car front and rear by 11mm which IMO improves the handling of the car, when i get back from AUS ill lend you my wheels for a week, so you can try them out for yourself, you find the hadling much better even less roll!!!!

I did some digging a while back and came to the conclusion of compomitive magnesiums are the only rim to offer any sensible weight loss....

£1100+vat for 7x15" (set of four)

£1705+vat for 8x18" (set of four)
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Super L are the lightest OZ but Crono are very close behind and come in more sizes I think.

Vauxhalls traditionally run high offset so anything to suit them may suit the Clio but the PCD is probably different. I think best bet is to get the wheels you want then machine them down to 48 offset.

These unfortunately are expensive per corner but are the ultimate in lightness. 4.9 KG each and that is for 17" - compare with SuperLs which I think are around the 7KG mark for 17". If I had the money then this is what Id go for. 15"s weight even less and you would be looking at quite a big overall reduction on a set of 4 plus bin the spare.

4.9kg each?!!!

Well put it this way if they are that light then they will cost a lot of money.

Super Ls weigh in at around 11kg, along with most other alloy wheels, the lightest wheels ive come across were the Subaru 22Bs alloys at 8kg each, price per alloy (without tyre) is 1000 pounds.


They are indeed. Used alot in motorsport - super bikes and cars. Price starts around £400 a rim - so not cheap. They tend to do custom stuff. e.g. Aston Martin got then to design and manufacture a lightweight wheel for them.

Ive seen a latest gen clio with super ls on it. I dont believe fitting ET47 improves road handling, your f**king your car up! You only notice a difference because the wheels are wider id expect. Seriously your putting a lot of stress on the components by fitting the wrong ET.

Dymag wheels are very expensive. Wonder how much for 15s? and whered u get them from?? I might get some and powder coat them black . Sweet!!

lol ok i think it was fred who said he had wheels on an ET47..and its been said clios have a ET48. Basically you have to get the right ET, otherwise youll put stress on anything that is supporting/attached to the wheel, i.e things snap, thats why you should never get spacers also, ive seen many a dimma clio/205 with its wheel off!!
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Before and after pics from the Shropshire alloy wheel refurbishing centre. Note the one at the back which is ready to go back on my car. Any colour you like but the woodworms a bugger.