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Which CD HU

Hi all,

Can anybody advise which models of CD HUs will fit into my W-reg 2000 Clio? At the moment it has the Radio Cassette but I want to swap this out for the CD version and still be able to use the steering column controls.

Any advice appreciated :)



ClioSport Club Member

to be able to use the steering column controls you will need a wiring adaptor, think they cost about £25-£30

i always use Pioneer head units in my cars and any i fit for friends. ive got a DEH-P8600MP and it is an amazing head unit, i recomend it if you can afford it, £300 at car audio direct (RRP is somthing like £500)

[Edited by Martin_89 on 09 July 2005 at 1:52pm]

Im now looking at leaving the existing Radio/Cassette in and adding a CD changer into the boot. Ive seen a few people on here linking to the and the Sony CDX-T69 changer for use on the Clio. Ive found the changer a hell of a lot cheaper on another website - before I purchase...

1. Is there anything in the pack from addacdchanger that wouldnt be included if purchased elsewhere and is needed for the Clio

2. Id still be able to use the steering colum controls wouldnt I?

Thanks again,

  Skoda Fabia vRS

1. yes, you wont have the Clio OE headunit -> Sony changer adapter, which are about £50 last time i checked

you can get an Alpine setup from your local Motor World for £179.99 which includes all the cables/adapters you need, if its cheaper elsewhere they would probably price match it, can save you any hassle if you have problems with having to ring up or post it back etc


ClioSport Club Member

to be honest the Renault HUs sound crap compaired to aftermarket ones. i was surprized how my Standard renault speakers stopped distorting and gave off so much more bass after the upgrade.